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Guess a melbrooks is famous line headley in his which unfortunately it's wet about all the most people know about eddielamar who are younger than let's say 50 years of age yeahuh and what to what do you take away in just a couple of minutes left here dianawhat are you take away from uh what's the the message we should all take away from this whole experience for me it is really about encouraging young people especially young women to go into skills that are traditionally you know male oriented and to not judge book bullfights covers umi think that um you know i also think that the father daughter relationship is something that ii find myself as a girl really interested in um and you know anything is possible if you have the curious mind and you think outside the box um the world is is your star in a lot that richard your any final thoughts we'll certainly people should be aware that the world is wide open to ideas from they don't have to have his pants decrees facility in earning up to be working in the same field a heady chuck looked to the world with the i have someone who wondered how she could make things a little petr sent an in that tradition came up with something really profound thank you both for taking time to be with us today in the queue you're welcome evergreen weekend uh dianekruger actress and narrator in the documentary bombshell there will be on pbsi think mixed next year and richard roads author of haiti's finally the life and breakthrough inventions of haitil'amour the most beautiful woman in the world if you want to know about any lamar you should read that book super thing you'll you'll know you may remember last february scientists revealed the chirp heard round the world 10 is the sound of the first gravitational wave detected by the lango detector in 2015 scientists are starting to amass a bit of a collection of chirpsthe second gravitational wave was detected last june and this week they announced a thirdwave so what are these chirps telling us when exguest is here to help decipher the sound in the data preembargo dardenattirajohn is a theoretical physicists who studies black holes and she is a profession the palmerphysicsan astronomy at yaleuniversityshe's not part of the.

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