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The eighth biggest issue in the business sports is right up my alley in the nfl quarterback contracts. We started the year with someone that. I still shake my head at this contract ryan. Tannehill was basically kicked out of miami. dolphins is a revelation with the tennessee. Titans signs of deal for ninety one nine dollars over three years like one hundred ten over four hundred eighteen. Believe over four massive deal ryan tannehill. More than a camera could have imagined. That's a thirty million dollars a year the true average about three three years and that's massive Now we have to compare to to deal that i've criticized at. It's been hard for me to criticized like the agent. I like the player. Of course patrick mahomes. It's a ten year deal could be up to four hundred fifty. Maybe five hundred nine dollars. That's funny money me. I don't understand this contract. Understand the length giving his whole career the best player in football over without an opportunity to renegotiate. And i certainly don't understand signing deal with this low early money. Ten million bonus so making ten million. This year of quarterbacks are making more than that without new deals and sixty three million over three years that the same money that teddy bridgewater guide. And of course ryan tannehill got ninety one million so thirty million more money for ryan tannehill over the important part of the early years now. This does patrick. Mahomes get more money later. Sure but if he was a free agent he get more than the more. It's getting later. Of course you were even if he has down years kamal. I don't understand the home loans deal. I don't know how he couldn't leverage the more than that in terms of the type of deal and speaking of not doing a deal dak prescott playing franchise tag gets hurt. But i think he's fine. And if he does another franchise tag on. Mike thirty six next year. Thirty one this year. That's sixty seven over to compare again mahomes who's making sixty three overthrew And then we'll have to deal with quarterback contract issues in the future with the Topic jor of carson wentz. Who in my opinion and a bit virgo about this. The teen cannot will not trae or cut him so he will be an eagle either a backup b. They're competing for the job. Or maybe they give him a certain job again. We'll see what happens with that number nine on the businesses sports issues for two thousand twenty. That would be the sale of a professional football league name. The xfl xfl started to great fanfare in twenty twenty had a couple good weeks and then course covert hit and like i said those with lesser resources couldn't do much about it in they head to fold and they did. And then you have all kinds of d'etre tests with oliver luck commissioner. Suing vince mcmahon. Bits man suing oliver luck. All that's going on and they were sold to a back jury cardinal as part of With a gun name the rock and his former wife but which shocked me is the total value that transaction twenty. I'm sorry fifteen million dollars two million dollars for sports league for football make for one that had a tv contract. Okay we'll just shows you. How limited the asset is when. You're selling it for fifteen dollars. I mean the rock makes that we'd like three days of work on a movie. So there we go okay and my final story of the business. Sports in twenty twenty is back to college sports we talk about with name image likeness. This is the real tragedy up. Covert in my opinion. Yes there have been tons of cancellations college football in college basketball. The two primary revenue sports. That is the tip of the iceberg. That means nothing. 'cause football will be fine in the big time. Big time teams college basketball will be fine fine but the massive disruption to the rest of college sports is what i see as one of the biggest issues of the year in the business sports. Hundreds of teams cut not just their season from code but cut. Now we're talking about largely non revenue sports like picking big big sport wrestling lacrosse. Soccer baseball swimming and diving stanford myo mater cutting eleven sports with a five billion dollars. Whatever how many billion down at stanford has you have. Sports being cut all over the place. You have women's basketball right now. After playing a few games cut do basketball as you were. My son is the manager for the men's team. They just cut. The women stopped cova so this is the disruption in college sports. The people don't talk about people are up in arms about. Oh they gotta cancel this game or you can't play his bowl game. The team didn't get enough games to qualify for the comfortable championship. Those are big publicity issues. They don't really get to the heart of the problem for cova. Like i said with the xfl others those those with the least resources on the most affected and that has happened in spades in college football so last issue in business. Business of sports is the college impact. The disruption of college sports the yang and the two revenue sports college football and college. Men's basketball those are tennis. Shoes and businesses sports podcasts branch rants top ten issues of the twenty twenty years. It's been a tough year but it's win white. We're always looking for we're looking. I wish everyone a happy and healthy and safe new year. I hope i brought you inside information Entertainment now man and knowledge you know in my third chapter my career for schefter agents second chapter team trying to give back and this is one of the ways that tried to get back through my writing through teaching through here and i have a newsletter. 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