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Thing that has made you. Such a noteworthy figure in Washington isn't just that you have wonderful restaurants patronized all of them when I was. I was in the city and I thank you for it. but But that you also have been deeply deeply involved in the community the when I first heard about you was about your role in the DC central kitchen explain that what DC central kitchen is in your involvement in it. Well this isn't. Tradition is a place that gave me also hope for a better tomorrow. These was founded on president. Bush inauguration day by a man called rubber egger legendary. He was a fireman he saw that was a love waste of food going on. Iran. The restaurant industry. He's the AWA's food waste is wrong but Dini's is worse wasting people so he got those untouched. Plates of food on inauguration day on Bra brought them all to a central kitchen. He began getting homeless cleaning them. Given them a sense of belonging by finding them place to leave and training them to be cooks they will be in charge of pulling those together and leaving the volunteers that began coming into the kitchen. And then sending that foot the communities This isn't today. It's probably more than eight thousand people. A day has employ and train thousands of men and women. This is the new way to the people who were trained. Going on to find on. There are many success stories and this is the venue they are. We need to be messing. Ngos that we've done throw money at the problem but we embed into solutions on. Broberg always said that charity seems was always about the About the redemption of Gaber versus what should be which is the liberation of the receiver. And we need to start seeing that in the twenty first century and years like that they need to be really investing the dollars and knowing what the return on Investment East in our case the returnees we feed people. And we're trying Homeless an ex convicts that all of the sudden become a very important shady robberies in La Kitchen right now in in Los Angeles doing the same amazing work in the heart of La and thanks to him is hundreds of other kitchens that they've opened all across America. And how much time do you spend on the on the kitchen in DC whine? Del Days that will go like one. More cocaine user `tatoes. I became the chairman dummy. Why and I always try to be a good essay. Call cheerleader. I do a lot of work on on on making sure. Everybody's aware of them making sure that Congress is aware of them on making sure that we keep racing. Good money when he's needed to make sure that those our organizations can moving forward and now you've taken the concept global With the world central kitchen that began in two thousand ten with after the earthquake in Haiti would tell me how that came about. Well I think from my navy times that watching happening I began and in the Fabella real yet ruin. I always wanted to do something I in those type of places. I was on vacation on Cayman Island. When ended two thousand ten at quick heat? The per prints on a had. These two to go on. I try to help but more the helping. I learned that you need to learn so few weeks after I use when they're nice. Spend almost a couple of weeks cooking from camp to camp but mainly was my beginning of learning. How come we be helping in those situations? And what are we done? What are we not doing that should be done? And there is when I fall in love very much with the potential of habeas country and now we have many projects like one of them is. This is cool that we train. Young Woman We take them out of the streets. Were there cooking. Sometimes in use made up rest runs in the middle of nowhere. We've charcoal cook stoves and we'll bring the mean. We train them to be we. We we elevate their English profile and then we find their jobs in the in the in the Neil thriving restaurant hotel community which is going to be part of the future. Heavy he's beautiful country with amazing story and I think if anything to really is a very important economica development for the country and who does the training I mean? Who are the people who go in that we have We have a laugh If you go to our war with Beige Wall Center kitchen that door there. You're going to see that. We have an amazing group of talented chefs men and women that they are very much part of our volunteers but obviously we have a very good group. Those guys I know you've got Anthony. Bourdain Kalicki Oh and well those guys do all the buff. Some of them use. Bring money by doing charities. I have I'm about to do what I see a big one that they do every year around the that we close more than thirty restaurants that this Corden Dash I bring Andrew Simone and were then Khaliqyar and helps raise money. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you. But then they are also involved in showing up when there. We need people to to be helping one of the big projects we did. We change hundred schools from charcoal to LP Wisey so important because everybody's talking to end hunger by the year twenty thirty. That's a big lie. Ain't gonNA happen. The main reason is not going to happen. He's one of the problems of the United Nations. Millennium Goals is that until we don't provide every family every woman we clean kitchen the same one that you and I have a home so we lieber them from their daily ties of having to be cooking with charcoal. Charcoal is killing more than four million women every year. Charcoal make the kitchen healthy because the mothers carrying them on their arms young girls. Don't go to school because they send them to the forest to cut wood when the families too poor to buy charcoal so they don't receive education rank calms deforestation. The rains come down. The mountain takes away the top soil. Supposed to be bringing in a new Happy Harvest all of this and that that same Dirt and some the ocean no coral reef because the water is cloudy. No Fish nocona wreath. Now hotels notorious NAS divy off from Sharko all of the sudden we give them a humble. Gagen. The mothers are healthy. They save money and they put it on their pockets helping the local economy economists to become richer jungles halftime to receive proper education. The forest thrive the harvest multiply by ten. They Ocean is healthy and the fishing output increases to recent shows up an all because of Berry humbled Cook Stove. We need to be bringing the conversation of Cook Stoves for were Hunger and poverty part of the money you raise for these pyro fed. I have two roles. I am the ambassador of the alliance finco soaps I was named by Secretary Clinton and I took that role really seriously so I go all around the world bringing awareness to too many countries and then I need also not only talker but the door and so through my was central kitchen. We make sure that clean. Kuchen is at the heart of everything we do on. Let me tell you so far. We are doing very good. Berry Berry Berry Berry good successful programs but I only see that Dick Lincou subpeona be listening more and more because he's the only way forward you. You also responded More recently to the tragedies in Texas and then Puerto Rico. This was another one of those things where you just felt called when you when you. When the disaster struck so hurricanes and floods mighty monarch. We've been going to many not only there but then we were in New York Sandy. We were in many other hurricanes in Haiti. So I guess doing the same thing. Yeah we've been doing the NBA. Let me put it this way. I was going to tell me that. Yes Houston with. Almost a quarter million meals was able to bring with me over one hundred thousand pounds of chicken and beef and we gave them their to convention center. I heard on your on your way to Houston. You stopped at target and bought out there. Some Pasta redcross gave me a mission and I was not successful because the place they want me to arrive with surrounded by water and this is when I get very like next time I have to have a car. That is a boat so we we're going to that kind of but yeah that that's that's where you have to. Sometimes when they took a beating in that the Red Cross for the way that disastrous. He knows that was that warranted based on what you saw. Well the men and women of Red Cross Day date only can receive my compliments because they are amazing they leave everything behind and used it. Go to surf. Fellow Americans what they think everybody would agree. Is that we need to make sure that the bigger from FEMA to Salvation Army to Red Cross that they are more ready to provide help when Americans are in need of help. Because he's why we put our faith them sending them a paycheck. It's a dollar or one hundred million. We sped them to take care when I arrived to Puerto Rico and I told my wife I will be there. Five days I write on Monday three days after Maria hit and by Sunday. I hope I would be home. Aung by Thursday night. I realized that was not the plan to feed the NYLAND. That was not only a few thousand people to go hungry. We were talking like the entire island was about to run out the foot. The foot was on the island the private sector. My friend works like amazing. What was not working was used a consensus in how star providing that eight on. We went from one kitchen on twenty volunteers undone Monday. Thousand Meals to more than twenty thousand volunteers in more than twenty three kitchens and more than one hundred fifty thousand minutes per day I think up to today an organization that was never supposed to be there that we had only two people in peril and less than a million dollar budget a year for many projects around six countries We are about to reach four million hot meals surf. You didn't. You didn't tell me when you actually did get home after telling your wife you'd be home in five days well I. I came back almost two weeks later. I'm mainly because I- dehydrated myself and I I got a couple of trouble a hit myself against the rocks crossing a river and I'm not a millennial anymore so I had to go by home to three days to fix myself but the team already was amazing. We went from having no plan to really having these master-plan in power held by the army Engineers that they got me these a mason virtual map upper rico and there was two ambition the possible dream if Dyer Island is hungry because they have no money. Atm's Banks Close. They have no no no electricity. No gas stations because nobody can pump. Nobody could move. Nobody could talk on the phone because all the cell signal were gone. We are toying. We're talking about real chaos. No one day but for month foot was something like nobody had at one point and the only thing we did was. Can we bring food to the most of quantity of Americans Eric? I'm we said where I once foot in the six thousand People Island Collaborative Thousand People. We're ABLE TO BRING WATER TREATMENT. Solar run machines We began bringing medicines because we we gather so much in one neighborhood at the time that we knew not only the people were hungry but dispersion needed this medicine. This person the needed these these meals. You provide them on an ongoing basis. It wasn't like a hit and run kind of every time we made contact with one. We began serving the hospitals the first days because the hospitals had food for the patients but not for the doctors and the nurses and what was issued that the doctors and nurses were working. Twenty four seven. I'm what was the issue that they had money if they had money. They are no restaurants on if they hadn't Under supermarket were empty and sometimes the lines were two three four hours to go and they only will let you buy one of two things. What were you thinking when you you couldn't have anticipated what you confronted there And you mentioned all of these Americans who were going who are starving and You know the important word here is American Caesar American citizens you just recently become an American citizen yeah. I became American almost three years ago.

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