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Oh so you don't know if it's, a lotta who you're? Not but why do we why are why did we think that he'd been married all of a sudden, when at first we didn't because there were There were reports that. He had hinted at it again there's never anything he's a pretty private person and he specifically keeps his relationship with cherry Dearborn very close to the vet so he, does not, talk about it publicly at all and so I think? Whenever he's asked directly a question about the wedding and he, sort of weaves in Bob's people assume that that means he's already secretly gotten married but. Remember, do you remember this that he had bought this property and, he was trying to? Erect a chapel on the property and he ended up being in sort of a legal battle because there, was some protected Natural lands that he was trying to build on? Okay and so I think that that still is in process, which would say if you really hurt set on getting married in his little backyard chapel Then. It's not done and he isn't married yet I don't, know it remains, to be seen let's move on a USO door number two let's, see Okay so the second thing you need to hear. Today on the. Colleen and Bradley show, as we start off our show on this beautiful. Tuesday out at the Minnesota state fair is a heavy. One it's kinda gross it's kind of depressing but it's something I think. We should talk about I want you to hear a little bit from gentleman I'm not even gonna, use the word gentlemen from a disgusting human being who allegedly is the drug dealer responsible for. Providing the drugs to Demi Lovato prior to her overdose his name is Brandon Johnson TMZ caught up with him. And they. Spoke to him at length I want you. To listen to this, particular clip of the exchange that he had with. A paparazzi from. TMZ all right we're going. To need a second on this nowhere is. No worries Again Do we are we having more audio.

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