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A ventilator America is listening to fox news newsradio kale B. J. on Patrick Osborne this news brought you by Adleman financial engines Austin's construction industry is pushing hard for an exemption to me around their shelter in place order which is brought all nonessential businesses to a standstill alternate health authority for Austin and Travis county Dr Jason Pickett says their main concern is for interior workers on construction workers could be in groups and tight spaces and in close quarters but a lot of builders argue that other cities have dean construction to be an essential industry and citations will be levied on operating job sites after midnight on Friday the Austin city council meets this morning to vote on a sixty day grace period for renters but that grace period would only be given if a renter can prove to a landlord financial hardship was caused directly by coronavirus Travis county recently did halt all the vixens analytics numbers out of Austin public health show one hundred and nineteen cases reported across Austin and Travis county by far the most out of any area in central Texas and your I. tent this afternoon eighty eight degrees on Patrick Osborne get Austin news on demand at newsradio kale B. J. dot com their lives local and they're talking about the stories that matter to you share your opinions with Markham Linda at five one two eight three six zero five ninety now here are some market analysts say Melinda how are you today I am doing well mark thank you and yourself doing body fine thank you wow what another huge news today we'll take you through the key angles.

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