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Yeah. And Memphis. Boise State would be a real get for them. Nobody wants to play Boise State. There's still that wild card. You know, when you the big teams are always looking for the Abilene Christians to play early in the season kind of as a tune up game, and and those schools one do the game because they get a lot of money from it. Nobody wants Boise State because Boise State can beat you. Even if they're bad. They can still beat you. For some reason. I have no idea why now. The interesting one here to me is Cincinnati. Yeah, They're big right now. Because they have a big time Coach. Yeah, that guy could leave tomorrow. That's true. Real Deal program. Now, hopefully what they're gonna say. It seems like that is a real deal. Program has kind of made it into one. No. Well, that's that's what you got to sell to him. Because look, Sec schools will be a Colin Yeah. You know once well, there's always a bigger Tuckey loses its millionth game. They're going to get rid of. I think that the third Stoops, brother, Yeah, they're going to get rid of him. Those guys failed their way to the top boy. They sure did, man. But you know, that's that's a primo league. That's the big that is the show. Okay, let's be honest. The SEC is the show right now it is. That can change your calling it big 12 is the show. No, I'm not saying big 12 the shot. I'm just saying that can change at any time. You know, I will believe this until I am dead. Okay? The Texas which may be himself in the foot have sucked for so long that being close to a decade that they felt like the only move to stay relevant because they weren't getting any better was to jump while they still had values. Well, they they won this weekend. Let's hope so. It's the first weekend you this when teams play nobody. Yeah, Except for this was once again. I understand this weekend. There were a lot of great matchups and claims and played pretty Clemson Play Georgia. That's a great matchup. Yeah, right. All right, so and so, Ernie 32nd Synopsis on Central Florida. Go God, No one and I got no information about him. I guess they're the Orlando. Okay, fine. That's fun. Baylor versus Central Florida. Disney World Disney. Alright, central floor, But this is a fun fact. Alright. 70,000 students, Students University of Central Florida Being It sounds like it's a It's the Arizona State of Florida. Yeah, it sounds like it's a junior college. Yeah, it's a giant North Texas. That's where it is a giant NT Alright. Or else you got.

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