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There we go the episode where one probation worker met another probation worker was sound gays sean dooley is shown if you're listening thank you so much for coming on the podcast bainian being open an honest still baffles me baffles me i suppose it's quite a big ask i think to come on and be open and honest not on a version of yourself just be until about your personal life the hopes and he worries fears and lane whole bear to be documented he's a big ask but people do it and you know he's based been said before by a few of august they feel like his some so creative therapy the no but whatever it is we live there it and we love having brian kasan so thanks to all our guests there have been on so far now speaking of guests i was gonna tell you who are guests forbath festival in may now if you've got kits brilliant if you were thinking craig i'm not sure if want to travel to bath and the ticket if you not gonna tell me who it is waldo maury i'm gonna tell you right now if i tell you there are brother and sister right in an acting combo right there in bbc's claimed this country he with me it's charlie and daisy mae cooper joining us for the to shop podcast live baffles it's going to be absolutely brilliant i'm so excited they're on i'm bay fan of the show big fun of them i'm going to get down to it we're gonna have a right good natta.

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