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Curio key drag bar called lucky Chang's. Oh, cool. Lucky Chang's in the first time I ever said, I was an actor out loud was at lucky Chang's. We would go get all liquid up. You'd have zombie one of those drinks. They pour all the, the flaming and, and then you go through the kitchen to lucky changs, and I was doing a show. Ed, the show that. And, and we were all there and we hadn't been on the air, yet and hostess for the show was Anita cocktail, and she was just surly and fierce and I signed up and I, I went up to sing, and she goes, he cute, Honey. What's your name? And I said, it's, it's Justin. She goes and what do you do for a living? And I said, well, and I looked at my cast mates. And I was like, I'm an actor. And she goes. So am I dear I'm an actress what restaurant who work? And I said, well, you know, I don't work at a restaurant Moore, I'm actually an actor just an actor. And she goes, yeah. And where do you where else do you work? And I said, I got really nervous. And she said, you know what I've a friend who refuses to say that he he's an actor and he refuses to say what restaurant works, and I'm an actress and I'm worked here and I'm proud of it, and you should be to cost me the microphone. That's a great introduction. Yeah. And I just. Ah chess is a friend. Always been edgy just staring daggers, but that was my introduction to the New York City's drag. I want to be reintroduced and actually the documentaries in June. Right. He wig is in June. Do you mind? If we do some really quick questions, I don't. But I have a question for you. Sort of in the yellow. Please gay fluid question. That's something I've been asking a lot of straight guy, very confused by it. Yeah. Yeah. Please. So you like blowjobs you like getting receiving a blowjob fans of the show will know how yes that, that is very true. That would be because you have an Audi Audi and seven any, it seems like you just wanna put it places. I'm guessing yeah. I do. I like putting it places foreign places, even better, right? Warm places warm, humid places so given a cleanliness as soon. Yeah. Do you like to have a lot of tongue down on your butt ton on the by, like finger in the well, well, well, that is some shin is, that's a big assumption from me because. Yes salon, because I don't know if I ever feel that clean clean enough to really be comfortable with tongue in your but overweight. Hold on one second, mom. Grandma tremolo Jody get turn this off now. I maybe post shout, maybe finally world, I just assumed you do a lot of take you do a lot of maintenance down there to take care of myself..

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