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For team sites equality drops off so how do you how do you make sure that if you're putting your name on you know you trust somebody who's out watching the via the north woods league in the middle of nowhere wisconsin you you might now never met add you is that delegating through the through the regional you know you're regional a madurese an assistant manager's here how do you assure that quality is especially because so i would imagine that a lot of the people who know baseball and are qualified to make observations about players at the call it tiller players themselves and so they must be busy with their own baseball practice and games and so that must limit their ability to to travel round so i too am just amazed that this has gotten off the ground the way it has shor soda answer my going your question on zlata question i forget who no problem but obviously maintain the quality of our work is jeremiah an important and we have our scouts not only collect the qualitative data the scouting grades their own observations we also have them collect quantitative data blake beyond the box where statistics that if you're not the game you will not be able to get those statistics um anywhere else we also have them collect video and velocities as well so we really want to make sure that even if say major league teams obviously they have their own scouting network set some of their shouts of 20 years of experience in so they're empirically going to trust that scouts knowledge and expertise more than they would trust our entry level scouts so we really want to make sure that even if they don't trust or twenty to eighty grades we have that um that empirical evidence that data those quantitative statistics that will really try to back up what where reporting from the field and also will provide that video so that they themselves can analyze the video themselves and make sure.

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