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Gotta have it all now or else. It's going to be an epic file for them. Well you don't even at my age literally turned fifty one a couple of weeks ago and on still learning stuff and i'm still gonna bowl. I'm still enjoying watching and also doing sessions other people where i need to buy some time to say don't know how to do that. Film in what would you recommend in in. They sessions or just with colleagues in the industry. Where i'm saying that was interesting. Could you share with me. How you learned how to do that. All what inspired you to do that. It opens up a different methodology of thinking. And all of a sudden. You've got access to all these different portals that you didn't have access before but then again you can say to yourself ok. Well nowadays open to me. It doesn't necessarily mean that. I have to try and grab everything. Let's try and grab something that's more relevant to doing. And that will give me the benefits of the complaining. That all being able to help me answer questions for the people. Yeah i think one of the modern day problems that we have. It's not just now industry. Bit sort of everything. Is this overwhelming access to all of the information and so i think it used to be even as recently as maybe like five ten years ago it was the case that you had to grow slowly in you had access to the mental coach train That you had and you had to digest. Everything could from them. And then outgrow that person or be ready to go out and get the next bit of information or you know you really mazda one thing and then you go and look for the next bit until you find what you're going to sort of master in and i think that's often the case. Where saying training you you go. And like a lot of people become dope trance because they have a problem. Dogana employer trying to earn a shadowing that person. And i think that's a really good system because you then shadow that person and then while the time people are doing it for a job you of condemnation down a little bit of thing you do. You'll referrals come from people who use helped for the most part and thou referrals for people with similar issues because your proven in being capable of handling that or you might have already specialized in you. You might be a a detection guy and that's all you do so. I think that what ends up happening That truly is that when you working with real people you grow slowly because you've got access to what they going to teach you and they will control the access to that information and when it gets to the point where you'll like all i wanna do something else or you know what they're going to say before they say it. That's when it's time to then look for the next person that's gonna teach you and i think that's a really natural kind of way of doing and that's when i was in the army tau everything like at their for relied. That's the beginning. We'll try to one of the problems that we fast..

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