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To find some better, the got to hit back and watching learn from ally. Alabama. County was hit in does lay. So I think the black guy like data from him. They'll also blessing or if you acted give them a little bit. More confident of him off at any day. Doc competed at high level. If what? Elevate. Our gain will be our game Betty. And Lastly, I, I asked him given the fact that the giants did not take a quarterback with the pick became saquon Barkley number two last year. And the Daniel Jones is the result in part of that decision, if he feels any extra investment hope you need for Dan Jones to be successful. I don't feel any extra hope or you actually need Daniel would be the future, or, or Gail Jones, have a great career because of the giant elect me, I, I did in what they felt was, I think I put for them in my first year where I will continue to, to come back that they made it very with Canarian Daya. Don't I hope you have a great career for 'cause he MARTINI? I don't hear that. In Quebec in Quebec, and hopefully he's a quarterback bagel comet anymore. No. I wanted to be a quarterback that they have a long career and one mobile championships. My team in the whether he played the very hopeful team and I'm all about winning all by people begin to there. And I think on the way they can hope tonight. Appreciate saquon. Barkley making time. Dude is a hell of a football player held a football player. We are going to update you on one day early, but close game so far in game on here of the NBA finals. I know it's early. I know this isn't rocket science but just sort of watching it, while I'm talking to you mangled say, looks like the better team and the router Trump, I think three right now but man goals as a team that they play within the first corner. They keep a goals in second quarter, and they often the third quarter they tend to make their hey, where they tend to pull away. We'll see. I mean, there's a lot of ads go, but nothing I've seen has changed my feeling I don't want to go this way, but my perception, might my belief, the warriors are gonna win this in five worries and four. But I went wars and five we'll see. We'll find out we'll catch up on the game here in a moment. And we'll look back at some of the things we've done in the show when we come back to the program, right? And than you with me, Bill Ryder apps. After the CBS sports radio update with Jay.

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