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Old geeks a weekly talk. Show hosted by brian. Chiu meister and jason phillip discussing the finer points of what went wrong on the internet. And who's to blame the grumpy old gigs jason to filipo. And i'm here with my special guest erik hunley. How're you doing doing good eric doing good. This might be a little rusty show. I've been gone for a week. Maybe i i've gotta work being grumpy last time. I heard that wasn't grumpy enough. I thought you're pretty grumpy. But you can ease into it. You can ease into it so get a little follow up. Brian has made it to toronto and should be back next week. And i'm sure he'll be grumpy with the cross country move or multi-country move which is enough to make anybody grumpy. But i do have a little follow up on the last episode i got i got a few emails saying that. I was a misogynistic pig. Dog mo fo for calling this influencer. Who was who got cova was going around with no mass getting people. I know sick. And i called her Face well nothing. Like say in the c word to piss off a bunch of american everybody everybody else around the world because we we do have a very international audience. They're like what's the big deal. I'm like i don't know are saying isn't that just ain't hello exactly exactly so The story just kept going with this check and it was. It was worse than i even thought so she was asymptomatic. She got a positive test but was dramatic and ended up just living life like normal. No mask going out then. I see on her instagram stories. What's she doing that day. Oshii is delivering uber. Each and post mates all day. Typhoid fuck and mary lovely. Yeah isn't that great. Don't you just love how we went through a year and a half of all this bullshit just for influencers to go out there and say doesn't matter to me. I'm special good lord no matter where you fall on it if you have something. Stay the fuck home. Yeah i mean she she just just had the flu and stayed at home but nest please. Now let's drive around west hollywood and give away food to people coming on it so i'm sure. The driver the cameraman enter her influence sidekick. Were all very happy to have that in the car on times. Yeah no kidding. Good lord if they got it. I'm sure they did or they already had it. Who knows all these people have added a million times already. Share the love Definitely inver news. We always talk on the show about how nobody ever gets fined for anything and nobody does ever go to jail. We know that that's a that's a given in fines of usually been you know coffee budget for about four hours. For most of these companies well the eu has hit amazon with one four eight hundred and eighty seven million dollars. That's not chump change. No that's like a company party. Yeah exactly you know the balloon budget for the year but now. This is the biggest. Gdp are fine so far of course they're going to appeal it and probably get knocked down to like twelve bucks but at least at least they're trying they're trying over there. I have mixed feelings about some of the stuff. I i'm wondering if gdp are things like that may force a change because yeah that that fine obviously get hit the bottom line but if they keep hammering you know it It won't even be a thousand cuts. Let's say they get one hundred of those fines I guarantee they'll start paying attention. Yeah we're going to start talking real money. You know every little bit counts every little bit counts. I think we need more. Well we've got another one here francis. Crackdown on google's ad tech for a two hundred and sixty million dollar fine so yeah okay Think that was the Let's see here. Yeah this was their basically you know more. Gdp our ad tech stuff This was from the french the other one. the other one was actually in luxembourg. Because that's where amazon has their headquarters but this one's coming from the french so you know these things are adding up there. Adding to this shoe came back. Yup and she came back one hundred ninety four million dollars exactly so maybe third round. It'll be a billion i. That's what i'm saying that they're going to change if they keep getting their door. Not yeah the thing is though. Are they actually paying up. Because as we saw with some of the uber stuff here in california they basically got. It knocked down to a parking ticket. So it's are guys are really really going to end up paying it if they start having to pay out on these. That's when the change is going to happen. It's europe though in california. That's true that's true. We're just too damn hippies over here so my fingers crossed my fingers crossed But we do have another one so this is a zoom one remember. Zoom was saying at the beginning of the pandemic and everything was end to end encrypted. And we're all good and turns out. They weren't yeah. Yeah well they got slapped on the wrist for eighty five million dollars so that's not that's that's more in line what we see here in the states you know sure. I don't know what their bottom line is. Because god knows their market share has gone up so much. Oh cove it alone there. I mean multi-multibillion-dollar company so it's like this coffee coffee mate irritating though is really the incentives on all of these companies is to just do it. Yeah this is a little bit of a cost of doing business marie. Everybody's ready to penny or two. Thank you very much. Yeah that's it we end up paying for it. Obviously but always that's part of it. We end up paying for it so so we might not want to wish to ill upon them but it would be nice if they did change their tune every now and again so i mean that's okay. We got three two good fines in a may find so far last week. So if something. It's something sidetracked. What are your thoughts on. What apple is doing with the iphone and about the story later. I'm talking about right now. Where they're saying. Hey they're tracking you..

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