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The gold. Chris a Nick Zito and we'll talk about the Cornell Chia Condron and Brophy as well after this here it is. They're all in line off the Kentucky. Derby and lost mountain was squeezed. A bit at the start on the extreme outside best foul shows early speed but seek Jordan. The inside quickly takes command forty something right up there and corporate report on the outside fly so free his fourth along the inside and Hansel between ors is is fifth at this point. Fashion stands for the first time of the battle. The Front F SICA. Data's expected on the inside lead by ahead. Forty something his second in corporate would port on the outside is right there. Third fly so free. Tuck in at. The rail is Racing Ford at Alley. David is fifth at this point then. Hansel on the outside sixty six lengths off the leader. Then it's lost mountain. If the rail saving ground in seven visit how will he is way between horses? Eight and another review is on the move nights on the outside then comes main minister intent. Its legs farther back. Happy Jazz Band is eleven strike. The gold is twelve tunnel on the outside is thirteen gap applied for all risk wilder than ever and green alligator sixty and last back in the fact that the filing forty six to fifty seconds. It's not exceedingly fast. Chris McCarron has slowed down the pace on the front end of these still legion with seek death. Forty something along John. Part of the field up during second no corporate reports with a big pool on the outside Hansel in Gear Mane Minister is also charging up in the middle of the racetrack three vices times fifth along the best out and strike the gold begins to roll on the outside their tightly as they move to the top of the stretch. Seek it at the insights needs by head fly so free now moves quickly between oldest closing scout in the middle of the race. Minister is right there on the outside with taking along the inside best in the second spot may minister is third. Seventy or away from the radio wire second. What's best between the live shot? Minister Greene alligator was in the photo for the show spot and the time on the board of slow Derby two minutes and three seconds but strike the gold roses. This afternoon was a two year old. There you go nick. Yeah that was tremendous was great. That was great and you mentioned the owners that was credit situation at three partners and Just.

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