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So I'm glad that you pointed these things out because it just so happens serendipitous -ly that I'm prepared to argue both of them. What the you talk about? How potent the posing offenses have been so far? I would make the argument that they've been so potent because they've gone up against this terrible chiefs defense, and that's allow them to inflate their overall rankings and their overall success for the season. And I want to talk about the injuries. Yes, you're right. Just the berries out Justin berry. That's a combination of Eric berry and Justin Houston Justin Houston's out Eric berries out. And I think it's easy to fall into the trap of believing that the record numbers for the chiefs currently that they're currently allowing on defense or nothing more than that natural byproduct of the offenses like their offense is dropping out huge leads, and that's forcing teams to take more and more risks and look for more and more chunk place. And that these these injuries are playing a huge part. I think it's very easy to say look. Oh, Justin Houston's not there. Eric berry is not there as the reason for their is Tanisha poor play. But but listeners would you be surprised to hear that since two thousand fifteen the chiefs are eleven and nine with both Justin Houston, and Eric berry healthy together in the lineup there twenty three and nine without them together in the lineup. Now is that more of an interesting happenstance than a damning Trent probably, but it also speaks to the fact that the team doesn't need those together in the lineup to win games. And that maybe their absences not as big a deal as you would think. So Pat, Mahomes, tyreek hill and the Kansas City. Chiefs offense are doing their job. But right now, they're being let down by the poor play on the defensive side of the ball that we saw this week against great teams. Whether or not the patriots are great team to be determined. But against great teams. They simply aren't good enough right now. Yeah. To be determined because I'm pretty sure somebody on the phone said that the patriots weren't exactly dead and buried a few weeks ago. I don't remember who that was. But we'll let let everybody out there listening recall that I mean, honestly, of course, the chiefs defense is under performed, but you have to remember they still have a lot of guys who can certainly add. And play a lot better than what they've done. I mean, everybody when the chiefs traded Alex Smith and the Redskins essentially through and KENDALL fuller that was a big deal people acted like the chiefs head essentially swindled the Redskins for KENDALL fuller. I mean, he's a guy who hasn't performed super well yet. But you're also a guy who's now only six games into a new scheme and new team that sort of thing he's going to get more and more comfortable as he's out there. You can't forget about a guy like Reggie Ragland and even for those linebackers. They're they're not they're not subpar linebackers. It's just a matter of getting everybody in sync. And also because they're getting out that lead. Like, you mentioned teams are just constantly having to throw the ball on them, which is going to tire defense out more in my opinion than just hard pounding brushing as far as the entire defensive teams. Just running the ball. Most of the time. Obviously the D lineman are going to get more and more tired same with the linebackers. But when you're stretching out those corners, no safeties with constant route running and route protection it can be a real problem for defense. Andy Reid is a coach, obviously as offensive minded I and that's always been what he's focused on. But this guy's always brought in guys as far as coaches and coordinators to to really coach a defense. And excel I mean, if you remember his tenure in Philadelphia, they had some of the betas defenses betas in mess defenses. That the NFL had to offer. And I just I just have a feeling that there's tweaks and.

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