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Dave roberts. Not sure why is team can't beat the red legs. I don't have an answer for the Red Sox who we as a team. So these are important things is we all understand our guys understand that. But unfortunately, we're just not we can't find a way to get a win here breads and dodgers will go one more time today at twelve thirty five in Tampa Bay the Indians beat the raise to nothing yon, gums and Edwin Encarnacion with homerun shots. Rookie righty Shane Bieber won his tenth game of the season tribe and raise go in the series rubber match at one ten today. Red Sox become baseball's first team to clinch a playoff spot in soccer, the US men's team tops Mexico. One nil crew goalies steepen three saves on ten shots in the NFL. The Bengals host to Baltimore tomorrow night at eight twenty both teams won their respective week one games. And in college football, Ohio State of thirteen point favorite Saturday night versus TCU buckeyes in horned frogs. Kgo eight PM inside of AT stadium in Dallas sophomore linebacker in Texas. Native Barron Browning says TCU will be a good test Saturday quarterback pretty well. Sean is real close to high school. I know he can run he can throw and another guessing pretty two running backs as fast as he was gonna get along. So folks, I'm going through from the central Ohio Honda dealers sports desk. Eric research, NewsRadio six ten WTVN. Thanks Eric saw that point spread now up to thirteen OSU favorite over TCU Saturday night on ABC six and that means Las Vegas wants you to bet on TCU take the points which having watched Ohio state's offense last couple of weeks. I'd be very careful of that. Mike Elliott in for Joel Riley coming up at about seven twenty six we'll get you a snapshot on this year's flu season also expected to be very nasty much like last year, and it hurt in our seven o'clock news that Amazon is going to start delivering Christmas trees, you want your Christmas tree delivered in the mail. I don't either. I don't either if you're going to get a fresh live tree, you know, whether you're cutting it down or go into a garden centre. I kinda wanna pick it out and get that fresh cut. But boy Amazon is just red hot. Jeff Bezos has got them humming. Amazon shares up twenty two percent in the past six months and up one hundred percent over the last year. They I think they topped a trillion dollars in market value for for a while. In fact, I saw one this little blurb here saying that Amazon could dethrone WalMart as the number one retailer of apparel think about that for a sec. All right. Seven nineteen NewsRadio six ten WTVN into the newsroom Ken Stevens, working on the seven thirty report. And I shot that people who are choosing to stay in place. In the Carolinas. Can't even know there's mandatory evacuation orders making it hard for first responders to help. Yeah. But I don't know it seems like every every major store, and we have this. There are people just say they're going to stay put, and you know, obviously, it's a flip of the coin. Sometimes you sometimes you luck out in the storms, not as bad as predicted other times, you just get smashed. I guess that's your call. But it's at that point. It's on you all bets are off, especially this one, you know that it's a category four now far from land yet. And yeah, if if they're telling me to get out, I'm gonna get out. Let's get more ABC's Emily row rights Ville beach, North Carolina from what we heard yesterday. We talk to a lot of people out here again on the beach. A lot of locals told me that they plan to stick it out when I pressed him a little bit more on what about that mandatory evacuation order that goes into effect at eight o'clock this morning, most of them, a great majority said we're gonna stay put we're gonna take our chances a lot of these folks have seen a lot of hurricanes before so they feel like they're. Prepared. And that's one thing that the governors of both north and South Carolina have said do not treat this as other hurricanes. This one is different. There are demonstrated reasons that you need to leave a not try to wait it out. Now, the air force force's bringing a couple of raptor, fighter jets to central Ohio because of Florence talk more about that Mike coming up at seven thirty very good. Can't listen for you in ten minutes. Seven twenty on the button son's been up for a couple of minutes. Traffic.

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