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What's the foundation? They could use another shooter, right? Sure. So then what you do is you go out and do you move number 6 and look, I don't think I would do this, but if I was the kings and they are considering this and the blazers are sitting there at number 7 and they have Jeremy grant and they want Jeremy grant, right? And maybe they move number 7 for Jeremy grant, do you move number 6 for Jeremy grant then? As a lot of pieces, I think I take number 6. I would. I would rather have number 6 than Jeremy grant personally, but I wonder if the pressure to win there is so much, you know, you pick up crystal water, you pick up Jeremy grant. That's a pretty good draft haul like to help you win games tomorrow at the end of the day. If the future a little bit because you also don't know how often well, I guess the kids are always kind of in this range, but you don't know how often you're going to get a pick and I'd say top 5, but not top 6 range. It doesn't happen. Every single year shouldn't happen every single year, and now you win and now you're the 9th pick. I don't know if that really moved the needle enough. Yeah, let me be clear. If I was the kings, I would just take Jade and ivy at the end of the day. Even though I don't think it's the best fit because they have the air and Fox, they have davion Mitchell. I would still just take Jade and ivy and then figure out what to do over the course of the next 6 months or maybe even over the course of the next month. I really strongly consider just moving deer and fox, right? But I also am cognizant that they seem to want to win and I wonder if that's a way to do it. I'm just trying to come up with ideas at the end of the day. Yeah, I'm an ideas, man. As much as you are an ideas guy, the reason I'm laughing is now this is the second time you've done this. You've read my bullet points for the player or the team right before I did it for like a different player. No. Are we good with our fit here? Let's go. So next guys, Keegan Murray, who I think the idea of fit is, the Indiana Pacers. So for what everything Sam said, but here's myself. You have miles Turner. You have terrorist holiday. You have Malcolm Brockton, brogden. You have Chris duarte. TJ Warren was injured. He's a free agent. Who knows? I like the IQ of tyrese Halliburton and Keegan Murray mixed together. That is a slice and dice combination half court. Where you're playing those two out of pick and roll, Chris duarte and a corner, mount the brogden corner. You've miles Turner rolling up high, shooting 34, 35 cent from three. Pick your poison. Because you're going to be beat one of those places. And then if the tyrese wants to run, Keegan Murray can run with them, that's the fit I like the best for Keegan. I liked yourself or Jade and ivy two. If I were the pacers that that would be the guy that I want in that range..

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