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Of Fame pitcher about Red's fantasy camp in about Hank Aaron and about Don Sutton and about opening day 1974 facing Hang care, and he got in some shots and Marty Brennaman after Marty fired shots at him last week in the back of worth, and in that friendship, that in podcast form at 700 wlw calm. I've also written about the Hall of Fame. The voting process. The case for bonds and Clemens the case for Scott Rolen, and more all at 700 wlw dot All right, let's begin here and I'll open up the lines right out of the Shu. Because I want to talk some reds that was a solid hour of baseball from 6 to 7. It was predominantly Hall of Fame. Lets do reds Now you've had a chance to let it sink in and process. The fact that Marcus Simeon is out Andrelton Simmons is out. The Korean Star shortstop is out. Freddy Galvis is out. And the Reds are currently out a shortstop. We know the issues with the offensive year ago they hit 2 12 1 of the worst offenses in the history of rights baseball. We know what the obvious upgrade was for this team in the off season to get a shortstop. The musical chairs We talked about last night it spends and it spends in it. It stops and seats or grabbed, and now it stops and and the Reds are or left looking, and they don't have anybody. Phillies also need somebody. That leaves Didi Gregorius as The loan for the most part, the lone free agent option at shortstop. They're certainly trade options is a possibility. But I think we all agree and the Reds have made this clear. That's why they're pursuing shortstop Jose Garcia. They love him. They just don't love him enough Right now. The put him in a position to be in everyday shortstop in Major League baseball in 2021. They didn't really want to do it last year, they eventually had to. They did it, and it was tough to watch. It's got a glove. There's no question about that. He batted 67 times. Last year, he struck out 26 times He hit 1 94. He played in 24 games. He walked once. You want once in 24 games. Again. They love him. Perfect, perfect world. He is their opening day shortstop of 2022. But no team with hopes dreams, aspirations of being in contention in 2021. Is going to feel the team with Jose Garcia at shortstop. The young man has not taken in it bad at double A. He hasn't taken it back at Triple A They jumped him from high a last year and three men. The deep end of major league baseball, double A is the most important development level of a minor league baseball player. He blew right past that to the major leagues. Kyle Farmer. Everybody likes He's not an everyday shortstop. He's just not. I mean, they nontendered him to begin with. They sign him to a split contract. He makes exit the place in the majors this year he makes except spends a place in the minors This year. He's versatile. He can play multiple positions, but he's not an everyday shortstop, and he certainly can't hit well enough. He certainly can't hit right handed pitching well enough to be considered a legitimate everyday shortstop in Major League baseball. Oh, by the way, he's played Ah, just short of 90 innings at the position, and he will be 30 in the upcoming season again. If you have hopes and dreams and aspirations of a contending in a division you don't have Kyle firmer as your everyday shortstop. So riddle me this Batman. One of the Reds do Jon Heyman says the number is looking at two years. 30 million. Sell Jim Boden today on the athletic guest. Two years 24 million. Again back to that perfect world. The Reds could get somebody plug him in for this year is a stopgap the bridge and then hand things off the Jose Garcia in 2022. The Reds got the worst, arguably the worst production of any team in major league baseball last year at shortstop, Depending on which metric. Do you look at it was the Reds of the worst or the Pirates? The worst And if the Pirates were the words the Reds with the second worst They need a shortstop. What do you want him to do? We'll run through some scenarios is we come back and grab some of your calls? 5137491 7800, the big £1.700 on a TNT were going to learn something very interesting about this team about this ownership. Over the next month, maybe month. Plus, maybe they don't have their shortstop by the start of spring training the first game, But one month from today they played their first game. Who do you want is.

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