Mr Burke, Edberg, Patrick Collins discussed on Mark Levin


In fact, this stuff was occurring, but what the government alleges and what the recorded conversations apparently corroborate is that Mr Burke himself was speaking directly with Dennis Reid is the restaurant executives individuals a and b. In in dealing with them, very directly and making it dropping hints that aren't for the layman are aren't even hence, they seem pretty direct. I read that portion to and I thought gosh, it's like it's right out of the sopranos. No, right. There's there's not a lot of subtlety to it. And I guess to me that's the most surprising thing for who has seen so much. If in fact, the allegations bear out is that he was directly in the line of fire here and in doing it in a not very subtle way. Talking to Patrick Collins who for twelve years was here in town. He helped to put away George Ryan among others personal. And I mentioned this earlier in the program. Mr Collins, my father was a businessman here. I'm sorry. My father-in-law was a businessman for many many years here is now retired in the real estate business curse commercial real estate and had to deal with Edberg on number of occasions in earlier today when I called him, and I said breaking news, Stu breaking news eh. Edberg has been criminally charged. He simply said, the chickens have come home to roost. Well, look, you just you know, as someone who's lived in the city for a long long time. And now I represent individual businesses. I mean, it should not be a cost of doing business in any ward in the city of cargo that you have to pay a tax or you have to pay fealty. You have to do provide some benefit for all dramatic folks doing their job and his as laid out in the complaint. Some cases they didn't even have the authority that they were alleging to have. But yet it just throwing up roadblocks for people trying to conduct business in the city, Chicago, you know, it creates a business environment that is not business friendly. And you know, it creates an environment where you have to know somebody and have to again, pay the tax. They shouldn't have to pay you pay the corruption tax. And it's it's not right. That's not the way that things should work. But unfortunately, it's it's it has been the way that things have worked for a long long time. Mr Collins, can you even reconcile being a public servant in the city of Chicago. And also being part of an. A private business. Who is going to help that private business deal with the city of Chicago. It doesn't seem like those are reconcilable positions. Again. I don't I they aren't they are not reconcilable positions. And you know, people that are petitioning their government for a driveway permit, for example, which you know, we should be in issued by the department of transportation issued by an alderman ward. Again, the idea that that alderman can can sort of get into that process and can can cause the department transportation to Tanada who were permits, for example, that you are otherwise are are qualified to get until you pay the tax. It's just wrong. When you watched Edberg, I don't know if you saw on TV, I watched all of it earlier today, and he was walking to and from the hearing he was worrying that fedora. And he did remind me of George Ryan. Did you get that sense as well? I'm watching. TV today. But I look there's a there's a way that folks, I think is do business that is perhaps ingrained in the culture, and you know, whether that's what happened here. Again, I wanna give Mr Burke his his day in court at the end of the day. This is an attempted extortion in that it did not sort of go to completion. But I do think what the government lays out in in in real significant detail in the words of Mr Burke himself is how this works, and it really is. It's really sort of textbook one. Oh, one extortion is alleged in this in this criminal complaint reminds me of bloggers defense. Well, they never came through with the money. So I didn't commit a crime. But if you attempt to bribe a cop and the cop turns down, the bribe is still a crime, it is I mean, you you're going to get into and again, I don't know what the defense how it will play out here..

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