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Today it indeed dot com slash President Trump care about black people. AP's Rita Foley tells us what happened when Trump supporter Kanye west was asked, that question on. The late night talk. Show Kanye west was on Jimmy Kimmel live chatting about his art and his music when Jimmy Kimmel asked this question you so famously and so powerfully said George. Bush doesn't care about black people makes me wonder what. Makes you think that Donald Trump does or any people, at all Why. Don't we take a break we'll, come back and Kanye west when they returned from the commercial Kimmel and Connie chatted about his. Children and his music male attitudes toward women and suicide I'm Rita Foley Japan is looking into whether medical schools across the country have discriminated against female applicants the investigation comes after it. Was revealed Tokyo Medical University had done exactly that for more than a decade it released. An internal investigation earlier this week that. Confirmed it an altered entrance exam scores to limit the, number of female students Tokyo Medical University said it believed to be male doctors would shorten or halt their careers if they had children affecting. Hospital staffing the education ministry sent a questionnaire to all medical schools asking. Them for six years of data? On the genders and ages of all applicants and wants to know who passed and who was admitted schools have two weeks to get back to the education. Ministry with numbers A collection of five thousand year old antiquities will be returned to Iraq. By the British Museum the museum said the collection includes stamp seals clay cones with cuneiform inscriptions and a. Bull shaped mabul pennant ancient Mesopotamia modern day Iraq was the cradle of civilization prewar Iraq's museums held priceless collections from the Assyrian. Sumerian and Babylonian cultures the items were looted after the US led two thousand three invasion. Of Iraq and later seized by British, police in two thousand and three from a now defunct, London art dealer police handed them over to the museum where experts determined they came from a temple at Tello in southern Iraq the British..

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