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Belleville and Dana Clark will continue to update both of these incidents for us as the morning progresses. Secretary of state Jocelyn Benson, laying out plans for improving services as secretary of state branch offices across the state. 350,000 appointment slots will be added between now and September. Appointments can be made online or in person, and beginning next month, readers will be on hand at branches to assist people looking for walk in service, and starting this month. Residents who need a handicap sticker will be given the opportunity. And priority service. Benson said that the changes followed talks with frontline workers who were concerned about talk and Lansing about reverting back to what they called a broken. Take a number and wait system. Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Coming back home to Detroit. He is scheduled to preach on Sunday morning after his city's historic Little Rock Baptist Church. This will be his first public appearance since being released from prison in January. He served seven years of a 28 year sentence on public corruption. Current Mayor Mike Duggan, who had spoken with the mayor said Kilpatrick told him that he had been called to the ministry. While he was in prison as vice president, Kamala Harris talked migration in Mexico and Guatemala over two days, recapping her first foreign trip and we get the latest from Grenoble, Scott Explore root causes of migration. Now she's being asked if the border will be a stop. Soon. Her answer was yes, but first, let's talk about what's going on. In the places that are causing the issue at the border, she said. That was the crux of the trip. But also it was to let the world know that the US understands that what affects one country. Affects The globe. The vice president is back in Washington as president. Biden heads to visit nations in Europe GRENOUILLE Scott Fox News at least 800 members of organized crime around the world have been arrested after getting snagged by what they thought was a secure messaging app. While it turned out, it was really a product of the FBI and foxes. Laura Engel has that story. The FBI helping to snag hundreds of criminal gang members around the globe after the criminals were tricked into using a phone encryption app run by the feds, which was used to track the suspects as they plotted their crimes. Law enforcement officers in Australia and New Zealand unveiled their operation known as Trojan Shield this week and, according to published reports, Australian Federal police say the APP helped to make arrests and over a dozen countries and divert 21 murder plots, including one that would have targeted a family of five Then report health system planning a $318 million upgrade of its Clinton township. Hospital officials say it's the largest investment ever made in Macomb County by a health system. The donors are anonymous. But the gift was massive, A massive a group of donors giving Western Michigan University $550 million. School officials say it's the largest donation ever given To a public university in the country Checking.

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