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Said the criminal justice system is unfairly sentencing nonviolent offenders and he had a sign outside his home that said thanks Mr trump after yesterday's clemency spree there are questions about whether president trouble pardon Roger stone will be sentenced tomorrow for his role in obstructing the Russia investigation CBS news White House correspondent wishes hangs as their questions about the fate of other allies of the president's as well it's not just Roger stone the president has a lot of friends turned felons and that includes his first national security adviser Michael Flynn that includes his former campaign manager Paul man a fort and these are people who the president has publicly defended sometimes while their investigations are ongoing game likes news time to to NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is out of the hospital three days after a terrifying crash at the Daytona five hundred CBS news correspondent Peter king is in Orlando Ryan Newman's team Roush Fenway tweets that he's been released from Halifax hospital in Daytona beach the announcement came about two hours after they tweeted a picture showing him standing with his two little girls saying that he'd shown quote great improvement latest tweet includes a picture of the three of them walking out of the hospital this afternoon Newman and his wife Chrissy had announced their separation just days before the race but she's also posted the picture of the words best site ever Peter king the CBS news Orlando proposed tax break for a hotel in sunset hills is drawing fire from at least one alderman almond tea Baylor says the proposed property tax break for the hotel on then back next to Helen fitz Gerald cannot be justified to light this area which is what would what we're asking for in this ordinance that we'll have a brand new hotel and arguably the most successful bar in Saint Louis county it just seems to be wrong headed and sets a dangerous precedent for any other developer coming to the city that would ask for the same treatment under the plan the new days inn hotel would continue to pay property taxes based on the twenty nineteen levels before the improvements are made she says homeowners are getting property tax breaks and you can see why business should at the expense of the city the fire district and the Lindbergh school district the Jefferson bank and trust business desk housing construction slow down last month compared to December CBS news business reporter Jason Brooks has the latest numbers you home construction fell three point six percent in January following a big surge the prior month the commerce department says housing starts were still a lot higher than a year earlier and in a sign that activity is going to pick up building permits soared over nine percent higher to a nearly thirteen year high new home construction in December the thirteen year high low mortgage rates and weak housing supplies are encouraging home builders the Dow from steeple is up a hundred and fifty seven point watch for debris north and one seventy before natural bridge it's on the right shoulder there is a stall northbound one seventy past page Avenue and watch for another stall westbound seventy at Adelaide that stalled also on the right shoulder came likes news time at two oh four and taking.

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