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The other two that he is charged with killing were women and their bodies were found both had been raped and both had been strangled and both had dna evidence on them that was recovered and that dna would be matched back to robert rambert grow without saliva in this case i'm not died out believe it was so but i'm sure people if if anybody knows remembered in there biggest single wire you including a guy that's from cleveland ohio in a story that's in daytona beach florida with narra dayton ohio bigger didn't show you like nets as elderly the connection of that i may gas or it was the fact that rambert was a long haul truck driver and so he would have run routes or he could have run routes down to florida which would have put him into the same area where these women were at again the same prowler with lindsay though they have him they have is dna they confirmed that it was the dna found on the body of these two strangled and raped women show it's a pretty easy slam dunk to say does it should these other women witching apparently nothing is nothing has come out about that so i'm pretty sure that they check to add in said no it's not hill that onion more than that like it was over the course of way was they were one year apart these murders the women yeah no no no they were they were many years apart so now the actual victims of the serial killer that we are toppled daytona beach zero yellow yes they were all within three months yeah that seems like a weird amount of time for a long haul truck driver to like continue to be i don't know took a christmas vacation.

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