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Jeff Daniels from dumb and dumber. Yeah, we'll talk about it. This is the Ben Shapiro show. The Ben Shapiro show, only on W L S AMA ninety. Summertime tips, and fun facts for Paul Christine, and Dexter, total wine and more. Want to be the favorite guests at the cookout this weekend. Bring a sweet Wisconsin with your homemade cherry pie firing up the grill. Cool down with sangria whiter not recipes for both wine is made in virtually every country in the world. And I'm ready to give you a tour to find the right one. Whether you're hosting or does bring the wine we'd love to share, always low prices, ridiculous election, this summer, total wine and more. Cheers. It started when he lost his job. Then he couldn't find another job then the bills kept piling up. And he said he was a failure then you begin to worry as his mood started swinging, and he got quiet and sunk into a place. You try to reach you told him you'd get through it together. But he said it didn't matter. He casually mentioned ending it all one morning. And he didn't say anything when you asked what it meant, but she new and he had a gun and you didn't know how to help him. But there is one thing you can do remove the gun for now. Eighty five percent of suicide attempts with a gun or fatal, but without a gun less than five percent of suicide attempts are deadly. You can't always stop someone from hurting themselves. But a red flag order can temporarily prevent loved ones from accessing the most lethal form of suicide until the crisis passes giving them a second chance to get the help they need to. Learn more visit one thing to do dot org paid for by everytown for gun safety support fun. And under-age smoking in vaping is a serious problem. One way to combat it raise the legal age to purchase from eighteen to twenty one about eighty percent of high school, students turn eighteen before graduating, if they can legally by.

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