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But i. After la in highschool i jumped over to the baptist church in downey california predominantly white congregation and on a really fit in there. Either it was the same situation where they like when the baptist church how to split. I suppose they went with the side that was like Women are not on should not be at the pulpit and there's plenty of women leadership that could only go so far. And i know a few that had left and we When my partner and i started dating we tried to go back. And i had stayed through college and because i had friends and it was great and then I had gone to a house church from a small group of young people that had split off and that was a shit show us. Those are always that interesting. People have big dreams and sometimes people don't have the tools to execute those dreams right like it was all well and good. Yeah i haven't attended one personally. But i like friends and family. Some people are upset about the church and then they thought they could just do like. I'm more more intentional. Type thing or something well. They weren't like upset at the church. They i think they just wanted to do something. Smaller and warrenton start something new something cool and you know like christians like to church plant just to be cool or that was definitely a and there was actually a huge situation with the church where they're like. You're taking all of our young adults but the church also wasn't really caring for their young adults so we didn't feel bad but it it didn't work out and a part of the reason why i laughed the house church Specifically was. Because i god bless my friends i love them all dearly but the two most educated people there were women and we are not paid attention to and it was like annoying because they were reading systematic theology so they knew what they were talking about like the wind gruden book and but they do what you're told and reiterate what the guy says kind of people which works for a lot of people but that does not work for me. I ask all the questions. And i've always been kind of a a strong personality which people tend to call leadership potential so not being kind of you'd as having the ability to do that because i was a woman and i'm sure they did unconsciously. That was really annoying to me. So i eventually i'm done with this and i had a small christian college so i was just done with lots of evangelical ism general because i went to as a pacific university. I don't care calling them out. It's fine and they'd like rename. Our colleges around we don't care. I liked to pride themselves on being like half and half kind of half liberal half conservative. But i was there. During the trump era election era and it was not nice especially being from an immigrant family..

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