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So really, you know, there's lots of different ways, you can treat it on a lot of it essentially comes down to what the main issue is whether it's readiness whether it's spokes whether it's sensitivity of whether it's flushing. So I think it was any diet worth while speaking to adult Eurodemo biters. Okay. So I have one thing that I do kind of want to bring up. So you said tetracyclene which is an antibiotic. I actually was on it when I was a teenager. And I recently went to see a nutritionist and one of the questions she said was have you ever had tetracyclene because it can be such a strong antibiotic on your guts show. So this is a common concern, and one of the things I would say about the tetracycline onto politics that we use for Rosa. So I use them equal doxycycline, and I use in low dose, and what's interesting about the tetracycline antibiotics as a high dose they have an antibacterial or an antibiotic effect, but at low dose, they have an anti inflammatory effect. So in RAs Asia using it for its anti inflammatory reasons. So you'll using at a much lower dose than you would use it the other conditions. So I think that's a much more gentle on your guts. In response. The second part of your question about tetracycline 's and the effect on the gods. Well, I don't think you should be on antibiotics for prolonged periods of time. I don't think there's an issue being on the for about three months. Four months. I think any longer than that we do need to be reassessing what we're doing an ID normally lot prescribing for longer lengths because of issues with not just messing about with a gut microbiome, but also resistance as well. So then when you do need to use them. They don't do what let's post today. Right. And what about things like birth control? Does it really help with things like acne? Yes. So certain pills almost. Friendly than others, but the combined oral contraceptive pill so the pill that contains eastern and progesterone can be helpful acne. But it does take time to work. So if you've been put on contraception for your skin, you need to give it at least two to three months to see if it's what can so that brings me to my next question from mom Oko, and she says, I tend to get hormonal breakouts on my chin and neck area. What's the best skin care for ornamental breakouts? I get that as well. And it sucks. I hate it. Yeah. And you know, the worst thing about it is actually affects most women as a result of this song, Kohl's, and that's partly because as women we have lots of home as we have eastern and progesterone, but we also have testosterone, the male hormone and testosterone, the male hormone is what drives that game and just before period is ju- all levels of eastern and progesterone drop a completely plummets, but I'll levels of testosterone stay the same throughout the month, relatively speaking. So what happens just before your period is ju- is that relatively. Speaking, you'll levels of testosterone a much higher than the levels of your female hormones, and that's what causes people to break out in the run-up to basically cycles. So in terms of what you can do what I would say is that a lot of people find the skin can be slightly more oily from ovation onwards. So in the second half of this cycle. So from day fourteen today twenty eight and that might be the time, we're really you all taking extra cash using your alpha, and you'll be two hydroxy acids and you'll skin cat to make sure that your decongesting your skin. You're getting rid of any black heads on. Also, a soon as you feel a hint of any spots coming up. It's worth while using something like two percent salicylic acid product directly onto the spoils to shrink them dying. If that doesn't help then it might be worth Bo going to see your GP, and they'll be able to give you a prescription retinoids over peroxide that you can put directly onto the spots. So basically, Utah get them as soon as they come up. Okay. And this is a completely unrelated question and. Topic?.

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