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There are a lot of people left that we know there to support and they didn't like supporting the other guys who weren't bathing like him that we know where the triumvirate the holy trinity of offense of skill players that gave the Pittsburgh Steelers relevance over the last decade, the general manager of the Steelers has said that Ben Rothlisberger is our guide. They're thinking about extending him. He's a champion. And he's a leader. I don't know what choice they have. I mean, I wouldn't extend him without knowing if lady on bell and in Tonio Brown, we're making him young. I also wouldn't extend him when I don't know how badly he wants to play in the last couple of seasons. He's been real reckless with the football even as he's throwing for thirty plus touchdowns in a season. In today's football. You gotta be careful with the football as he ages rothlisburger with fewer skill position players will be less and less careful. Yeah. Then it's not just a he's not awesome. He's no Tom Brady. He's no drew Brees op. At the height of his talents at the advanced age. He's falling off and really supported and booing. By the skill players. He has around, but that's not the big issue. The big issue is the GM said if the players were smart they follow his lead as if he's infallible. He hasn't made any mistakes. And really when you listen to in Tokyo Brown, the things that he's saying is I don't like the way the guy publicly criticize his guys out in the media. And I don't think that has anything to do with leadership and don't have anything to do with winning. They're just as everything with ego. Well, we criticize you public and you keep coming back. Unfortunately. Yeah. For everybody. He wants me back. He won't leave you. I guarantee one of us won't be here. Tomorrow. I'm not coming tomorrow. If he's here. Shoot them a fancy rather be panic about dick Greek freak joining the warriors in twenty twenty one. Okay. This was being reported as speculation during the all star break that Steph. Curry was flirting with the Greek freak with the idea of maybe bringing him to the warriors in the event that Durant leaves, and when they told you a few years ago and people laughed at the air against that. They were light years ahead. Their light years ahead because they got Kevin Durant. When that space opens up and they're allowed to use that on yet. Another max player..

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