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That they may rest from their labors and there were Gus Grissom from Mitchell Indiana why the first American to walk in space and Roger Chaffee died in a test for the first Apollo mission now the question the space program die with America had wanted to go to the moon what was the will still another astronaut and produce grad would help show the world slowing down was not an option you're listening to from June to the age of space and computers was also the age of right and astronaut turned senator John Glenn lifted we had great turmoil over the Vietnam War and we've had the actual riots in the Chicago over the edge we had the assassination of a Martin Luther king and Bobby Kennedy and at the time America stood as sort of a critical crossroads and I think you know the the Apollo eleven did a lot to bring this country back together again people suddenly had a feeling that we're all one again and that we could go ahead and move ahead like we had felt for for a long time when I got there everything was about the time crunch Jim and I was finished just before the Apollo fire.

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