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Like a plumber so the first dedicated mario game mario brothers not super just mario brothers they decided well if he's a plumber will put them underground to do something with pipes and so we played this you hadn't played it before now the original non super mario brothers which i concur it's very non super when you play the original game with luigi and mario running around pipes try not to get crabs literally trying to the station that all makes sense with my recollection of a too because i wasn't aware that that was was with the same dude in donkey kong as in super nintendos super mario brothers by time you're played super mario brothers it's like hey wait mario that will take the same guy from donkey kong and it turns out sure that can be what they rode into the history i'm not sure that they knew that mario was going to become this generation spanning lovable character that still has just as much clout today's he did in 1993 he i would put my money on the eighth day eight was the one that i have stuffed animal for the eight was the one who i bought the cereal four if they were going to launch the any acid 1985 i would think they'd make super donkey kong keep in mind when i bought my nintendo though i didn't get super mario brothers i got giro might and duck hunt twofer yeah that that was because you bought the super said that had all the extra joys eventually i finally got super mario brothers and i think that is the game that made him the household name that game is fun as hell i played that so much as a kid and i still i'm playing it now and i remember going home from school every night and finding warped zones are trying to get lives in the going to school the next day and talk with my friends and like do you know if you jump on this turtle shelled right here just the right way you can get a hundred free lives in the going home getting those 100 free lives and beating the game i mean it was addictive and fun and that's what made the fact that he came from donkey kong is coincidence iras.

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