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It's a race that Aiden has won in the past. And he said ten winners in the last in the last two weeks. The horses are running very, very well. It was a monster gamble on concert hall today. In the NASA, I couldn't quite get my head around that. And I'm not trying to be funny or after time there. I couldn't figure out why she was being so well supported. Because there was nothing in her form to suggest that she could suddenly turn the form around with Nashua. Also, the oaks form is absolutely rubbish. So that wasn't there. I like concerts. I couldn't quite get my head around that. And I get why she's fighting too but still also. She's good. Should we be paying more attention to forbearance? Because she did beat Silla rossell last season. Yeah, she did. My issue with her. She's just not at the same the same man this year. Actually, she's putting three very flat runs for me. If she comes back to last season's form, yes, she's right there, but you know, she showed a little bit more last time at leopard style, didn't she I just can't be having her on what she's shown this year. That's my concern with her. I tell you what might be a giveaway here too, is that Shane foley is going to write it Galway. And there is no race at Galway worth 300 grand. So if forbearance had this monstrous chance then change fully would be on board. Shortly. Now Holly Doyle was on board. When she won at York last year, as a 12 to one shot. So Holly knows the horse very well. And maybe it's that maybe Jessica just wants Shane to be a Galway and ride horses in a maiden and a couple of horses there. Perhaps if you want to go on back forbearance, I'm not going to stop you. Jessica, we talked about Jessica Harrington's record of bringing horses over to the UK. In the past, when she brings one over, they tend to do very well. It's the dead 8, as things stand, so you're getting, I think you're actually getting three places, I think there's a couple of firms who are going for. You lunatics. Absolutely love that. And if you can get that, if you can get the scumbag each way that then forbearance is probably the bet. That's such a big price. She was very good at living for you last year. Really good at haydock and that run at 8 last time out behind free wind. I would agree with that. I'm very excited to see if we went in the I hope she's going to go for the Yorkshire oaks. Yeah, she's in that. So let's find out what goes on there. This brings us to the stewards cup. Let's go. Shout out to Lucy Russell Hughes. Who runs the draw for Doris Goodwood and the stewards cup and she does her best Rachel Riley impersonation and she puts the numbers up, but she sets all of that up, gets the logistics going, so well done, Lucy, and Lucy's back on the final front podcast and if not next week, the week after. Inver park was the anti post favorite and gets stalled 15 and remains anti post favorite with colloquial 8 to one. There is no change in his price with that draw. However, mister wagoo from stole 20 goes from 9 to 8, when the deal is done, stole 25 with Neil Callen, who's on the show next week, goes from tens into 8, stole 25 for him. First folio, James Ferguson, stole number four with first time cheek pieces, then he muscular on board is a ten to one shot and great ambassador safi Osborne, Ed walker, ten to one from eleven's stall 12, chill chill, Harry Davis for his trainer, his retained trainer, Andrew bolding, 16s into 12s from stall 11. How important a factor is the draw on the stuarts cup to you, Mark Milligan before you give us your selection for an easy contest this short scope.

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