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As he number of cova cases in west virginia jail skyrockets advocates for incarcerated. People are urging the governor there. Jim justice to follow recommendations in a new report to curb the spread as of december. I more than eleven hundred fifty people. Serving time and correctional officers have contract the virus according to lie shepherd with the american friends service committee with regional jails at thirty five percent overcapacity. She says state officials should reduce pretrial detention and release anyone close to their parole date. Who isn't a threat to public safety. Those suggestions are in a study by the national academies of sciences engineering and medicine and outbreak anywhere reduces our state overall ability to get this virus under control. And so that's why it's critical that the governor really take action to them and not just respond to when they happened but to really prevent them through some of these recommendations the state legislature had passed house. Bill two four one nine before the pandemic which aims to reduce the number of people being held pretrial for low level misdemeanor charges but shepherd thanks even with jails and surrounding communities becoming pandemic hotspots. The new law isn't really being applied. I'm diane bernard that report also recommends people not be incarcerated for minor technical parole violations. Cnn reporting the justice department investigating a potential crime related to funneling money to the white house or a related political committee in exchange for a presidential. Pardon cnn notes. The case is the latest legal twist in the waning days of the trump administration after several of his top advisors have been convicted of federal criminal charges and as he possibility rises of trump getting pardons to those who've been loyal to him civil rights groups have a written complaint to the united nations over what they call violence and excessive forced by philadelphia. Police against black lives matter protesters. The letter says police violence against demonstrators peacefully exercising. Their first amendment rights in the demonstrations in may and june was a violation of federal law according to mary catherine roper with the aclu of pennsylvania. The police violence and use of non lethal weapons was not directed at people engaged in looting or vandalism at violence we recorded was aimed at people who were protesting and in west philadelphia on three. It was just aimed at the entire neighborhoods in october. The philadelphia city council passed a law banning the use of tear gas rubber bullets and pepper. Spray against people engaged in first amendment protected activities. I'm andrea sears. Reporting this is pms. Ohio's controversial energy bailout. Legislation at the center of bribery scandal. Getting some new attention in columbus this week. Lawmakers in both chambers are discussing bills that would either repeal or alter house still six which would fund one point three billion dollars in utility subsidies through a new customer surcharge. The twenty thousand nine legislation is at the heart of an alleged sixty million dollar bribery scheme. Which rachel balances. Ohio citizen action notes came to light over four months ago. People are just so mad that they have to do anything about this sort of a rudderless ship in columbus. And if they don't repeal sticks then. I energy arts collect our money january. I if an impending deadline is that they don't seem to be taking seriously i o house speaker larry. Householder and four others are facing federal indictments. In the case house built seven ninety eight would delay the subsidies for one year. It was introduced on tuesday with hearings today. And tomorrow. Mary sherman reporting a new initiative to turn around the college enrollment decline in texas due to the fallout for covid. Nineteen announced on tuesday future focused texas as a collaborative effort to maintain the state's college enrollment rates. Despite the effects of the health crisis texas commissioner of higher education harrison keller says university enrollment was down three percent statewide this fall compared to the previous year and down eight percent at two year institutions keller sees the pandemic as the most significant disruption to higher education since the end of world war two enrollment that many of our colleges and universities are down especially community colleges and universities that enroll greater numbers of low income students. I'm roz brown. One of the early warning signs of prompted action was a decline in applications for federal student financial aid. Finally our suzanne potter tells us a new report pinpoints. Why covid nineteen but so fast this summer and california's nursing homes. The study found skilled nursing facilities that meet recommended staffing levels for registered. Nurses had half the infections compared to those that don't meet the standards and the corona virus infection rates are three times higher facilities with large numbers of african american patients. That's according to christopher streptococcus with the california healthcare foundation which commissioned the report black and latinx next people in california are disproportionately impacted by the virus. And we need to make sure that those facilities which are serving black and latinx next patients have the resources that they need to keep people safe. I'm suzanne potter from january to mid november. Almost thirty thousand people in california nursing homes contracted the virus for families worried about krona virus. You can go online to. Aarp dot org slash corona virus. And this is my clifford for public news. Service member and listener supported her on some of the nation's most interesting radio stations and always online at public new service dot. Org them to sell for radio on these goes brokaw's network also live on sirius. Xm to eleven. Dan patrick sports. I'm your host nikki. Wow what a weekend in the premier league if you were thinking that the premier league was stale and boring and it was always the same teams and everything was happening plan. You haven't been watching. This is the craziest premier league season ever so far. This is absolutely wild. what's happening. Who would have imagined that. The beginning of the season that ten matches in okay which is over more than a quarter of the way through the match the city and also would both be in the bottom half of the table and that man united would have only come up above the bottom half of the table on matchday. Ten crazy stuff. You never would've had anyway look. We've had big results gonna go through a mobile going to look at tomorrow's champions league matches. That's what's on the table today. We all presented by bet online dot. Ag your online sportsbook experts. And i certainly i've been. I've been singing my praises recently with my picks. But i will tell you how did with this weekend's premier league picks and i will Be hiding after. Tell you when we come back. That's what i'm going to do by the way big. Hello to our men and women in uniform around the world. Listening on the american forces network. It's great to be with you. And if listening what about digital platform. So that's iheart radio tune in or you're catching our podcast on the belief podcast network could be l. e. v. The podcast network that you need to subscribe to I welcome you to the show. I'm with each and every week nights six. Pm pacific that's nine eastern then again at midnight. Pacific three am eastern time for you early birds. You can catch me. They're on sports overnight. America that's monday through friday. Bring you the best in the global game. Well as i mentioned we got champions league for tomorrow. We got primarily for the weekend. We're gonna take a look back at another. Great loss of the football world is suffered right on. The back of the loss of one diego armando maradona The papa bouba diop senegalese wizard from two thousand to welcome. Fame has passed away. Let's talk a little bit about that. Lots to get you today by me on twitter at mikegrimala kgb drp right back after this exp.

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