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And it'll host parts of the twenty twenty draft. A number of teams already have advertising agreements with casinos including the Cowboys ravens saints in raiders. The government shutdown is taking a heavy toll on the country's national parks may peace. Tim McGuire reports while some are closed others remain open. But the services are definitely lack trash cans along the National Mall in Washington are overflowing. The park service doesn't have the people needed for the normal cleanup. Because. Of the partial shutdown entire areas of other parts are close including assembly in California. This man tells ks F n that he really wanted to get away from the usual tourist stops. I'd much rather have the full experience where you can go into the back country and not necessarily worry about what's going to happen. The waste in public safety concerns have led Rangers to restrict access to Yosemite through only one entrance. Allowing in only those with camping and lodging. Reservations, I'm Tim Maguire Qatar Airways says it now holds a five percent share in China. Southern airlines. The move will help expand the carriers. Reach in one of the world's fastest growing aviation markets. Qatar Airways group says the acquisition of additional shares of China's southern supports its overall investment strategy China. Southern Airlines is a member of sky team alliance. That includes Delta Air, France and others despite losses of its revenue last year due to a boy. Kat from neighboring Gulf states Qatar Airways maintains its the world's fastest growing airline. Shutdown votes coming. I'm Tim Maguire within AP newsman at the house is voting on a pair of budget Bill designed to fully reopen. The government one extends funding for homeland security in the next month at current levels with no additional money for the border wall. House speaker Nancy Pelosi telling reporters take yes. For an answer opened up government. Give us a month for us to negotiate what this package could be seven people are dead in a fiery crash on a Florida interstate. A number of others are hospitalized. Some in critical condition Florida highway patrol says too big rigs and two passenger vehicles were involved. At least one truck fuel tank was ruptured, sparking a fire state troops state troopers say they are investigating and are trying to identify those who were killed charges expected tomorrow against two former South Carolina sheriff deputies who were transporting to mental patients.

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