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Some of the names to know include Vance Joseph the Broncos head coach for the past two seasons who previously worked for Cincinnati. Hugh jackson. So everybody knows the drill on Hugh Jackson hurts me hardly spiral out of there. Bengals fans give up and find a new team. And I never tell anyone that. But if you're ownership doesn't want to win and if you're giving Hugh Jackson, oh, man, it just I can't with that. I would be so defeated if my team went and hired Hugh Jackson. I understand you for sure. So the Bengals by the way also could look in house for some of their options on their staff not named Hugh Jackson to fill that role at big it could be kind of a tough sell. I just do Sarah. There's not a franchise quarterback. You're excited about the team has a lot of needs. It was deplorable defensively last year, and it's an organization that is not known at all for going bacon free agency. Like, it's basically draft and develop and they've got hit big on the draft in order to get bounce back which leases the last job with the Broncos the brazos not Vic Fangio putting it out into verse. That's. Here with him in this bears defense. Well, I think the reality to Sarah's that like if he doesn't get a job this year. It may never happen. Right. Like Vic Fangio at the agent. He's at in a league when we're finding younger and younger head coaches, particularly offensive ones, it's hard for you know, defensive coordinators that are closer to sixty than they are thirty to get head coaching looks. So I think it comes down to Vic Fangio or Mike Mon check the Steelers longtime or the Steelers offensive line coach and a longtime coach in the NFL spent many years first as like one of the greatest offensive lineman ever with the Houston Oilers. He event he's in the NFL hall of fame for as as a player tremendous guard. And now he also has been the Oilers is worked in the coaching staff of the Houston Oilers, which eventually became a Tennessee titans. Really well respected in a league where we talked about the lack of offense of Lyman earlier. Mike munch check it's going to get some looks because of the work. He's done with that Steelers offensive line. A lot of talent there's there, but they've also a nice job. So that's kind of a latest on all of those five remaining head coaching vacancies Spain and Fitz field Yates in for Fitz on ESPN radio.

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