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Thanks to Serena, Laurie Allen Baker, Sherry and Judge Smith giving up to $500 towards listener donations. So you have about an hour to take advantage of this generosity, you conduce. So if you'd like to text the word give 1 809 378850 will gladly text you back with a link to make your contribution You can call and speak to someone to help you out. If you'd like to talk to a human at 1 800 Yes, 88 50 or pledge online Right now it kqed dot org's slash donate. And if you do that either way for ankle, you could check out the thank you gifts and various levels of support. You want to come into the 20 or 30 or Ah, dollar? Um, a month's level, you can find all sorts of cool. Things. I'm looking at the Grundig field bt Radio from Khitan in that's a 20 for a dollar a month gift the home emergency kit that every family should have that comes in at the $32 a month commitment to KQED. We've got some cool ladies, We've got a great mask for you to wear. That's just $10 a month. If you come in on that, as a sustained at that level, we'd like to thank you with any of these gifts, but you got to get the ball rolling bites piling 1 800 9378850. We're going to our website kqed dot org's slash donate, I guess they we can't emphasize this is the last day, right? This is it. This is it as of approximately seven o'clock tonight. So do go to it and help us out, you know is a news operation Keep Q E D is considered an essential business right here. But as a community supported organization. We operate as an essential service and we take that responsibility very seriously. And we don't have a lot of time left in this Monday, our final day here on KQED public radio, and the generosity is on the table. Now. A triple challenge our so do take advantage if one person at a time through the hour And donates $60 a month 30 20 or 10. They all get tripled online at kqed dot org's slash donate or triple by calling 1 809 378850. Now I know you're listening. So I know you have a new intellectual curiosity. The kind of people that listen to a forum on a regular basis are intellectually curious. I don't know how much you can afford to spend if you can't afford anything. Don't worry about it. But if you can part with 10 $2030 a month it will be tripled right now.

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