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They will man and I hope for moore movie inspired songs. They're my favorite. There's i know the titles of premature you. You'll be happy. Yeah okay cool. There's some some audrey hepburn songs in there. No no audrey happens but There's there's some grace kelly okay. All right dude grace. Kelly was a man. She was gorgeous and she was grace. Kelly such a great actress man. Now i'm going to have to go watch. Grace kelly movie to catch the thief. There you go make sense together poster on your wall so and rear window. Another classic hitchcock film closet hitchcock film. Classic grace kelly. Yeah james stewart. James stewart was fantastic. In the was crazy. It was crazy. How many hitchcock movies that james stewart was in. I think him and carry granted the most probably in and grace kelly would probably be in there too. Yes she did sure. Three two or three carried did three james stewart at three or four four. Let's see three. Let's google k. Granted discussion was takata's east ago and rear window james steeler awhile. There's a lot here. There's a lot of hitchcock it's funny when i started typing. How many hitchcock movies was james stewart and like the like popped up right away like this is. This is a question that a lot of people avast. It looks like four. yeah. I knew he wasn't the most. Yes so rear window vertigo. The man who knew too much and rope The mandates two hundred robe. I haven't seen. I started to watch rope and i don't know if it's just like a slow movie but i ended up not i ended up turning it off. Maybe it was just a certain mood. I was in at the time but it was right mood like i love. Old movies watchmen joy on yeah. I'm sure shot definitely a hard one to because he can either be like shoob slow or like really good off the bat right. Which is kind of vertigo vertigo. I was. I was kind of disappointed the first time i saw it but then when i watched it again i was like okay. I i like this better. Well there's one seems like it's almost like ten minutes and there's not a single bit of dialogue. You're just following somebody but it's so well that is cool right. Yeah it's just like for with vertigo. It's like a whole movie. You're like waiting for that punch liner that thing and it's you almost feel like it never comes even when it comes to the end of the movie. You're like oh you know. I don't know like that's kind of how i felt about it when i first saw it. I think part of the movie too is like others with Somebody recent ed. I was in another podcast. Somebody we're talking about wanda vision and how they use confusion and a big part of the show plays out at feeling. Vertigo was doing kind of that. Shane deal 'cause like the name vertigo. Swirl every everybody everybody. I think pushes you propose to be confused. Everyone was supposed to be confused. Yeah yeah. I think once they. The makers of wanda division probably watched a lotta vertigo. Growing lost a lot of television for all right man. Well this has been a lot of fun. Anything else make sense. I know like we didn't talk too much about you. Know pop punk and stuff. But i mean it's just i hope. I hope everyone joins our our classic movie chat. You know yeah pop punk in movies. Now you've just keep an eye on our souls. you can look this up on facebook and instagram at w. m s and why on twitter at w. m. s. n. y. One couldn't get couldn't get you know how to be the one there and the of tiktok to which is what makes sense and why aaron earns been doing some tectonics. We've been the ground on there. All the rest of us now will will go onstage. Stay stupid things. Maybe take pants up where you haven't cracked yet. We have a lot. We have a lot in the work and a lot going. And i'm really excited as it gets used up out and hopefully soon here get back to the scene. Some shining faces at shows. Yeah yeah we. We all are keeping our fingers crossed for for that day. Yeah so all right man. We'll random this was. This was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I did yeah and thank you again for letting me. Come onto your podcast. So what the next time. We'll have airman to know. I'm i'm bummed that We couldn't have aaron in on this conversation or or that conversation but be sure to tell him. I said hello and yeah you know we probably i mean some people might be familiar with. We should probably talk about that. Real quick but What makes sense has a podcast and it's called nonsense and you pretty much just have different. Kinda like how this podcast is. It's it's different people from the scene mostly other bands or members from other bands. But it's it's cool hearing it from like a banned banned perspective. You know unlike with me. Like i'm not currently in a original pop punk band so like with you and aaron being the hosts and having other pop punk bands on. And you're in a pop punk band yourself is just kind of a different Different chemistry i guess. Yeah it's it's fun because we got on. Emc jesse sometimes allow. The bands are banned. We've met and played with or known for awhile but then we've also turned around. He'll reach out some bigger bands. But we don't really know like we we've had had in her own words young culture rarity One of our one of our hometown. Heroes is with the punches. We had them on we gray conversation with them yet. Jeff tie from. I call fives on recently. Then we turned around and i did some right. No prince span called. Say what you will. From connecticut everybody go check l. Awesome awesome fan Friends real talk had been on a few times The guys and goalkeeper fantastic humans fantastic. I agree It's it's it's fun because we've got to connect with bands and stay connected with our friends and meet new friends without going and playing shows which have been damn near impossible to do and all of this grew from a more or less. Hold my beer kinda situation. Where aaron descent a group text to the to the bandon. Zombie wanted to a podcast and is like yeah all right and we did a podcast that night and now those episode wanna nonsense. So that's awesome. I'm glad i'm glad you start doing that. It's it's a great idea for a band. And i've i saw a like one or two bands do it before the pandemic and then i saw more do it like after the pandemic hit and i was like i think i think it's a great idea. It is just another kind of way to market or promote yourself. I guess kinda give fans more of a behind the scenes bird. I view it just depends on what you're doing with your podcasts. Because there's different ways to go about it. You know so. But i like i like the way nonsense does it. I think it's really cool man. I'm glad to hear that idea. Pop onto pizza doesn't thanks man. Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

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