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Such s. This probably is is a very badge. bogies there. Dead chose the shots that he was missing was breaks. He was he was clearly breaking on the saturn backboard. He took some shots and it was just not good shots than totally like this by miles so we gotta stop these foster like got bitch cousin of bad shots shots they they. I mean they were off the side. That were biodegradable ability. He's not a great rebounder. All i do. And i said he he's not gonna win this league this league. I don't think he's going to make this year. You just gotta stop. I gotta stop pushing his way. He should already like just because he did. We did like fifteen point. Five or six is cool will look this game too good now too good and now teams start to some of the so. We'll see off the brakes though he. That's because half court shining took. If nate you got bids cousin bricks that he did in may get it to last low topic before i do. Hope that get hit unregulated quarter. Don't face belief that file. Don't get on over Dozen other swell. Google pulpy podcast. Forget to this Oregon dem's lower graduation standards of what we are. We doubting this country. Now we make this week dove stupid. I mean come on that like right now. As one of the cornerstones of of wealth power in the world is education. I will say that. That's one of the cornerstones is much as i say that you know i have. I graduated high school. Go to college. Don't need to succeed. Allow people that do succeed with it. You know it really depends on what you're going to get education for so people go get education Like okay just a regular job. It's it's you make an award in a fast food restaurant manager. But you're going to college to do it at assistant. He's like that complex computer program or.

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