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Didn't take long. Seeger is rounding third. He's heading home. And on the first pitch that Turner sees from Stamen bangs a hit in the left. Seeger comes into score in the Dodgers take a three to poor Charlie Steiner. Not in Arlington on Taj Radio Justin Turner's R B I single part of a five run third, which put out ahead of San Diego for good. It also gave turn of the franchise record for post season hits. Records or cool championships were better so On Glad I could help us get a W tonight and we're going to continue to keep going forward and hopefully Many more hits, it conjures, got the sweep and their spot in the NLCS with a 12 3 final. San Diego used record 11 pitchers in defeat for Yankee pitchers. Three hit the Rays to take their D s the distance 51 at Petco Park last night. The Yankee offense included homers from Luke Void, and Glaber Torrez. Game five starts at 4, 10 Pacific with Gerrit Cole and Tyler Glass now starting on short rest. For the first times in their careers. The Astro is already in the A L. C. S of the closing out the A's in game 4, 11 6 and the Braves blank The Marlin seven zip to reach the NLCS for the first time since a one game one with the Dodgers is on Monday, the Lakers get their first chance to close out the Heat nine. Eastern Tonight. It's Game five of the MBA finals. A win would be L. A's first title since 2010 drought matched only by the Yankees 11 year. Wait for another world.

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