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Definite genders who lightly that's been fills yep because of non binary yet. I think people by get it wrong because you assume either just kind of manno female but describing someone's attracted set two or more genders cutting blue which can include both binary non binary binary people. You did okay so this one's slightly harder or it might be hard. I'm not sure so the next one is going to be only sexual actual let gemini against never heard of that malays only beans ver- omni means okay. I'm gonna give this okay. Learn something new. i'm the same. Probably royalva mommy sexual. I've never heard of before but here feelings for gesture sale three. I've got two genders at the same time. No it's not so only sexual is somebody who set is sexually attracted to all genders kind of like bisexual board has a preference for one over the other so it might be kind of like is attracted to man women buying non binary bought specifically women. Only makes is yeah. Yeah yeah wow listening right. No one i had to read that one so it makes you feel bad so next one which you're you might get probably so the next one is easier a sexual yup i. That's one eight hundred up this wrong Right yup for sorry. I've just jumped in there you can still for. Ach west pu. You don't expedience any sexual feelings. I hurt no sexual attraction to anyone. Yes also romantic as well romantic fool. Sexual who point for that. You can have a point course. You can't point okay. Yeah you're you're on free to yeah. I think you might win this last one in my class on. Because we're draws on this game. Okay so the last one again you may or may not know it is so pan sexual yet okay. Pan sexual okay. That was quick. Phys where. I'm just trying to think i haven't. I'm not showing mine until okay. You ready yet right. Groman just pick feelings for like any any one to any. Jane turns sex. I feel is sexual. So there's not a specific gender. She's feelings for any tapeh person like everyone go. Try to to have rejoined. That's basically it. Yeah it is so so too old. Genders yeah yeah. It's very similar but with different. It's like the preferences where you get trips or paula. Oberg feel mine. Wins this one atrocities feelings for any james our show we have one more just just to description fell break time. Are you can struggle with us from a two so the last one is going to be the hardest swan and if you get it wrong. I'll just vote. We have the best gas. Okay jason. you want you'll both know it. So they swan. Gray sexual.

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