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He didn't want to do because I thought one of the telling moments when the president yesterday was he was, like, man. He's like I gave up date night with my wife and a lot of those gave a date night with our wife to take big time jobs. Chris don't wanna hear about. This is my thing, man. Because I mean, I've been nice man through the years with magic when they made him president. But I'm telling the night they named him president, Nick. And I were in Los Angeles. I tell you, man. This is a disaster like she is not capable of doing this job like people think Magic Johnson is something else, man. He is not the president of your basketball organization. You could hear that last yesterday in the conversation how you gonna walk off the job with someone who's been a lifelong friend. Her dad made you a multi, multimillionaire tinny buses dad. Dr bus, walk Magic Johnson into every billionaire. It was in Los Angeles, every season ticket holder. Magic Johnson has been able to make money because of her day magic was supposed to come to the rescue help Jenny in those knucklehead brothers out magic was not capable of doing it. Because magic did not get the job. Requirement in taking this title. Oh, he wanted to be the big man on campus. Will that requires come into work in Magic Johnson is not looking for no nine to five job with all that set? And this is circle back to your point. He can be the imperfect messenger. But none of that justifies Tim Harris coming and saying, you can't fire Luke Walton, and who the hell are you that is not? That is not your role. I'm gonna tell you something Nick, if you not there, every day to Bill, analyze everything and realize that the people there that are making decisions every single day, and then it's time for you to make a decision. You missed out on stuff because look at all this stuff going on the magic. That's what happened his his what happens Magic's absence allow for allegiances to form without our knowledge and about in the power dynamic that allowed, rob Pelinka and Tim Harris to get that allowed them to become more. Influential, we Jeanie Buss when he's not there, and he didn't expect that now when you hire Magic Johnson. And you just said, you Magic Johnson has shown that he's not here for the hard stuff when when he coached the Lakers, and they were five and eleven. Magic quick when magic the magic hour and that wasn't working magic quick. So if you're expecting magic to anything else, besides be magic and show with a million dollar smile and say some nice things that's your fault. Okay. Magic has gone. Nick are the Lakers, any better off now that rob Pelinka's going to be running everything. Then they were a couple of months ago when magic was helping out, that's the million dollar question and that, where it circles back to ownership and the lack of real leadership, the day after magic quit. Once we were done laughing about I going or anymore. What we said was this could be a great opportunity for the Lakers. This is no matter what anybody says, no matter how much disarray all stupid, man. We were thinking regular stuff. We were trying to think this regular is the way team would just normal business. Great job is you mean because they could've brought someone. On teen idiot. Salary cap on team, president people love living in LA, Ron plays, they're, they can sign another max for agent. Sam presi was waiting on a phone call, healing, man. I've done everything I could do. I drafted Kevin Ross Westberg, James harden, three consecutive years. We instantly made an NBA finals. And now look at us like I you don't think he wants to move from. Still whatever the L E lives in Oklahoma City, the LA with respect Oklahoma City, I'm from the midwest myself will come on. It's Los Angeles and the Lakers, they had opportunity, but genius decided to take that opportunity and give more power to Kobe's agent, and the ram by, and now it all falls on the brunt. So good luck to actually the Knicks actually the model organization. It's unbelievable. The coasts. No, the NBA again, agents come later in the show coming up can co I in the rafters even up the series tonight. Next up, first things. First. Do we get NASCAR comes home to Charlotte with six hundred miles of wheel-to-wheel action? It's a Coca Cola six hundred Sunday, six pm eastern, only on FOX..

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