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The threes. What's happening? Couple cars have collided. This is on the expressway north and like we need any help getting that to back up this morning, it is already jammed all the way up towards Columbia Road. Now watch out for delays North, and the crash itself is by Savin Hill. So you want to keep it Tio right to the it's the left hand lines blocks, so you keep it to the right hand lane. You would see that you would know what he'd be like. Oh, Okay. Lever Connector downright continues to be jammed as well. Getting on to store drive. Route three is still a problem from Weymouth getting towards the brain tree split. We had that earlier car fire That's now been cleared, but you know it did the damage there. South on expressway heavy as well with a crash by Braintree splits. All right, Let's check in on Rue once see how that's moving with David's truthfully. No. In the mark for insurance Road report through what is right on time from top field to the Tobin Bridge, Foggy to the North son trying to push through the five Get to the South. Light traffic along the way. 22 minutes. Danvers to the Tobin Bridge, David Struggle, You know my Friend Assurance Road before Okay. Now we do have some tough delays due to work going on at the New Hampshire Massachusetts state line 93 South on the left hand, lane is closed up between 102 to exit for their so traffic continues to be very heavy. They're also working on the North bound side. Not quite as much of a problem there with the right hand, lane is closed up. Approaching the Rockingham Park Boulevard Laurie granted doubly busy traffic on the three look a little bit better here in Boston. Let's check the four day W B Z AKI Weather forecast now, and meteorologist Brian Thompson. Jeff the sun trying to poke out in a few spots right now, as David was, actually it was the fog around, especially the North Shore and on the South Coast. There's a pretty dense fog and you're found with.

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