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We began this tuesday afternoon up a washington irving campus inside grammercy arts high near union square this is where police tell us an 18yearold man in custody charged with raping a teenage girl voting to the cops the alleged attack happened monday but they're releasing details of it today after they made an arrest the into in wintry voter guarantee oreo starts is off this afternoon near the camp was where it happened in this live report garo what are they telling us well what we know larry is that this alleged rape occurred in the stairwell between the third and fourth floors inside the grammercy or it's high school and it's a it's a building that actually holds forced schools and one of them is grammercy arts high school in why pd said the victim is a sixteen year old girl the alleged rapist an eighteen year old boy both students and they know each other he has been identified by the police as yvonne martin and he is charged with rape the two teenagers as i said they know each other but the police say this was a forcible rape in the stairwell and over the past hour so students seven leaving school for the day and i've been talking to them and most of them said they just didn't know about it they attend that school but they actually had not heard of it had no idea about it and then interestingly the enough a number of the students told me they didn't actually believe that it had happened and then two young girls i spoke to said they thought well if it did happen at least somebody was arrested and so now they don't have to worry about it and so it's an interesting mix of uh of opinions from people but as i said school is letting out most of them had no idea it occurred carol diori attenton wins on east 17th street back you'd carol where you should a statement late today's calling the incident travelling and also saying that they are working with the in why pd to investigate this incident also today a lotta vaccine down at city hall where the head of the.

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