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Nice <Speech_Male> we'll just to kind of wrap <Speech_Male> things up here. <Speech_Music_Male> Where can our audience <Speech_Music_Male> find out more about <Speech_Music_Male> you <SpeakerChange> about <Silence> your My <Speech_Telephony_Female> folio which <Speech_Music_Female> I'm working on <Speech_Music_Female> updating <Speech_Telephony_Female> currently my <Speech_Telephony_Female> portfolio <SpeakerChange> is <Speech_Music_Female> actually <Speech_Music_Female> dot com some <Speech_Female> Chili Y. <Speech_Female> B. O. Z. <Speech_Telephony_Female> M. A. N. dot <Speech_Music_Female> com and <Speech_Telephony_Female> then. My instagram <Speech_Telephony_Female> is <Speech_Female> Ashley. Sierra <Speech_Telephony_Female> <Speech_Female> Y. C. <Speech_Telephony_Female> I. E. R. <Speech_Telephony_Female> R. A. So <Speech_Female> those are the <Speech_Female> two places that I am <Speech_Female> most <Speech_Music_Female> especially like insurrection. <Speech_Telephony_Female> But I'm usually <Speech_Music_Female> always around <Speech_Telephony_Male> always like <Speech_Telephony_Female> always now I <Speech_Telephony_Female> always answering him every. <Speech_Female> Dm <Speech_Telephony_Female> or anybody. Whoever wants <Speech_Female> to chat or <Speech_Female> had any questions <Speech_Male> too about kind of <Speech_Music_Male> just getting started at <Speech_Telephony_Male> something love to do <Speech_Music_Male> and I love to <Speech_Telephony_Female> get people excited <Speech_Female> and you know just <Speech_Telephony_Male> talk about it as a career <Speech_Telephony_Male> but left out <Speech_Telephony_Male> any way I can. <Speech_Telephony_Male> I that it's <Speech_Male> so important to still <Speech_Telephony_Male> reach back and I know that <Speech_Telephony_Male> I've only been doing this for <Speech_Music_Male> two years but <Speech_Telephony_Male> there's some <SpeakerChange> way I can <Silence> help. I definitely <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> right. <Speech_Male> We'll Ashley Bozeman. <Speech_Male> I WanNa thank you <Speech_Male> so much for <Speech_Male> coming on the show. <Speech_Music_Male> Thank you <Speech_Male> for <Speech_Male> sharing your story <Speech_Male> about sort <Speech_Male> of what? It's like being <Speech_Male> a young <Speech_Male> black woman working <Speech_Male> in the advertising <Speech_Male> industry <Speech_Male> and then also sharing <Speech_Male> like the things that <Speech_Male> inspired <Speech_Male> you know we have people. <Speech_Music_Male> I think really <Speech_Male> a all <Speech_Male> ages that are listening to <Speech_Male> this show. We'VE GOT <Speech_Male> STUDENTS. We've got <Speech_Male> captains of <Speech_Male> industry etcetera. <Speech_Male> We try <Speech_Male> to hit just a lot of <Speech_Male> different points <Speech_Male> of creativity <Speech_Male> and design <Speech_Male> and everything and so. <Speech_Male> It's always good to kind <Speech_Male> of hear <Speech_Male> from the perspective of <Speech_Male> someone that's kind of. <Speech_Male> I wouldn't say like just starting <Speech_Male> out in it but <Speech_Male> you've been in for a <Speech_Male> while. <Speech_Male> Yeah but I mean to <Speech_Male> to get the perspective <Speech_Male> of like what is it like <Speech_Male> for you now at this <Speech_Male> stage. I mean <Speech_Music_Male> twenty twenty for <Speech_Music_Male> all intents <Speech_Male> and purposes <Speech_Male> the future <Speech_Male> in a lot of way. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> It's good to know <Speech_Male> that you're at a position <Speech_Music_Male> where you're <Speech_Male> able to <Speech_Male> craft the images <Speech_Male> that a lot of people <Speech_Male> see when it comes <Speech_Male> to representation for <Speech_Male> a number of different <Speech_Male> brands <Speech_Male> companies et Cetera. <Speech_Male> That's a really sort <Speech_Music_Male> of big mantle <Speech_Male> to hold so <Speech_Male> it sounds <Speech_Male> like definitely you have <Speech_Male> the creativity <Speech_Male> and the skills to make happen <Speech_Male> and I'm going to be really <Speech_Male> interested to see <Speech_Male> what you work <Speech_Music_Male> on in the future. <Speech_Male> So thank you <Speech_Male> for coming <SpeakerChange> on the show. <Speech_Male> I appreciate it. <Speech_Telephony_Female> Thank you so <Speech_Telephony_Female> much for having me <Speech_Music_Female> this past <Speech_Telephony_Female> sake it was lovely <Speech_Telephony_Female> to talk to you and <Speech_Telephony_Female> yeah just <Speech_Female> thank you so much for having <Speech_Telephony_Female> me on the spot worm <Speech_Telephony_Female> and hopefully <Speech_Music_Female> the vessel <Speech_Telephony_Female> upwards <SpeakerChange> is <Music> the <Music> <Music> <Speech_Telephony_Male> author <Speech_Telephony_Male> <Music> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> big <Speech_Music_Male> big thanks to Ashley <Speech_Music_Male> Bozeman. And of course <Speech_Music_Male> thanks to you for listening <Speech_Music_Male>

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