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I believe all three were set up by torres and all shots were were hit wide. So montreal certainly had their opportunities but This was a chance for miami despite allowing these opportunities to score for montreal to score to get back into this game regain the momentum and it happened when phil neville may probably the best decision that he could have made. I've told you that. He sat blazed tweedy between had not been playing over the past two games he was brought on in. I believe it was the sixty fifth minute and he instantly change the tide of this game. I know what was one one at this point but you felt much for our regaining momentum and eventually they were gonna score a goal blaze mcsweeney came into the game and just changed it. I mean his his presence. In that midfield with greg. Because he came in for federico he joined and his presence in that midfield along with yola and gregory absolutely changed the momentum of the game it did not allow montreal to just get whatever they wanted throughout the the entire field because it just felt like whenever they want they can get up the field against miami but with with With blazing tweeting there. It changed his effort was certainly there and he was giving his all. You could tell that the that his benching over the past two games has certainly affected him and he understands that he needs to give his one hundred percent effort in order to be able to stay out on that field and he did just that and it allowed miami to put even more pressure on montreal up the field and that's when the second goal frontier miami occurred rudy camacho once again making the mistake of holding onto the ball just a bit too long when that pressure was right on him and it got the ball loose i believe it was gregory and robinson that put the pressure on camacho. The ball came loose gonzalo. He going poundstone and from just outside. The box took a shot right through. Ponti must gloves. He did get a bit on it but it wasn't enough as the ball. Ben bounced behind pontius to score the second goal of the game getting wine to pick up a brace and give inter miami their first win in about two and a half months two and a half much. Just think about that with me row. Quick two and a half months to get a win their first win at home for the entire season absolutely incredible scenes there at the dr pink stadium in fort. Lauderdale i was i was i was ecstatic to see that going and actually when when it went in. I was working at the stadium. So i didn't see the goldwyn. Because at first i thought it was just a save and the ball was going to go out for a corner so i was going down to put in my phone the stats but then everybody was going ballistic as i was looking at my phone so i looked up like what just happened and the goal was scored always like no way. I can't i couldn't believe it. I was happy as heck and it just felt great to see this team. Battled back from down one nil to score two goals and get the three points. It shows you a team that finally realizes that heart and tenacity that they need to have in order to win consistently in the mls. And why don't think this is a a turned corner at all. Because i mean we do have to take on orlando's sitting next second best team in the eastern conference rivals to inter miami I don't not sure how that game's going to go. But it certainly is a baby. Step forward as phil neville says to to where we actually want to be and that's to being a consistently good. Mls team so you know it feels great. But that's all. I got for you guys in this segment makes you stick around. Because i'm i come back. I'm going to be talking about the top ten central midfielders in the world from this past season right after this. This is your ultimate stop for everything. Sports the golden state media concepts or podcast. Should i say more from the nfl. The nba to mma. All in here. The golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen welcome back to the gmc soccer podcast. If you missed the last segment. I talked to you guys about my experience at the inter miami montreal match that just recently happened where inter miami finally catalin in seven matches and their first game One at home in the entire season really exciting stuff and so if you go check that out please go ahead and do so however now. We're going to talk about the top ten central midfielders in the world from this past season. And i'll tell you what it is a very interesting list. This was to in my opinion. This is one of the harder lists to come up with. Because how do you make the differentiate. How do you differentiate center attacking midfielders to senator defensive midfielders to cetera midfielders. I it's tough because there are clear central attacking midfielders. Like you know you got your kevin durant. You're brutal fernandez and incentives. You got your of murals. You got your joshua key. Meeks and nicolo conti obviously but at central midfield. I mean you got guys here that i mean i could maybe consider defensive midfielder or an attacking midfielder but i did research went see where they played specifically on the field and i made sure that each of these guys were all played in that central midfield role for the majority of last season. So without further. Ado let's get started with number ten. Maybe surprise to some of you on this list but not to me because this guy was vital to a title winning season. And that's benjamin andre from lil in in the french league. I mean this guy was a vital piece to that midfield absolutely setting up the tempo The defense was absolutely key. He can easily play a central defensive midfield role but he's also got the skills with the ball to play up the field as well which is why he was putting mainly in that holding midfielder position and it a little bit of everything for little. I mean you're talking. The dribbles completed point eighty eight per ninety minutes. I was in the fifty eight percentile. Progressive passes five almost five point five per ninety minutes at the eighty first percentile. He's got an eighty five percent pass completion a very solid for his position. And then when you talk defense. I mean he was an anchor. Three point. fifty five tackles per ninety minutes. that's in the ninety. Four th percentile. One point.

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