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Super bowl they haven't taken that step not since before patrick mahomes was born but since before his father pat mahomes the former major league baseball player was born that's how long it's been since the chiefs have been to the super bowl and they haven't been to a championship game since joe montana was their quarterback i'm surprised to see the colts at thirty two one he first of all we don't know what's gonna happen with andrew lock and second of all even if andrew lucked place where are the colts right now so they got a long way to go and consider the division they're in with the jaguars with the titans with the texans the colts could finish last again were they foreign twelve they weren't for foreign twelve they were four foreign twelve in the texans reformed twelve i don't know who is text technically last but i think the colts are in danger of being left in the dust in the afc south because the jaguars showed that they are very good the texans can be great and the titans made it to the final eight last year so don't go to sleep on the afc south the full odds are posted at bova and just an interesting look at how vegas is looking at these teams now these numbers are all subject to change because once people start betting that the numbers may move and will tend to move one way or the other but i don't imagine it changing much at the top patriots steelers we still but it's almost like cowboys forty niners back in the nineties stats we assume that those are the two teams they're going to be left standing in the afc even though it didn't happen last year we assume that next year that's what it's going to be i don't know that texans that texans pick their ten to one could be getting the offensive and defensive player of the year back just saying well they could be the key is keeping these guys healthy that's.

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