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In Boston Massachusetts. All right. Which of your talent is responsible for connecting the specific time history. Yes. So we ended up, connecting I I have a passion for diabetes. And I know that your wife has a passion for educating people on the topic of diabetes as well. And I think that that's really how are our paths costs. He definitely a needed. Scenario because of this epidemic that's going on OBT easier. So tell us a bit more you help people. My son was diagnosed with type one diabetes when he was nine years old, and it was very Mutua sweet, we certainly were not exposed to diabetes in our family, so we will little bit blindsided, but of course, after the diagnosis you become very educated in a wear and through the course of adjusting to our new lifestyle. That was a missing component in his testing team. And that was to clean and simple way to remove the excess blood when he was done taking his blood sugar levels. So I realized that there was this missing component and I wanna hit and I created diabetic dabs, which are booklets of absorbent wipes that are placed into the testing kit. The. Those that live with diabetes, and, you know, my goal is to provide value to people that are living with either type one or type two and becoming a member of the diabetes community kinda seeing what life looks like living with a chronic disease you become very passionate to, to help in any way that you can't to that was kind of my contribution is to provide a product that would kind of simplify and make their testing Latino a little bit more convenient is that something you did before create a product. This is the first time this is the first time that I, I actually in a previous life I was a financial adviser before I had children. And then when I have four boys when I had my children, I became a stay at home, mom, and then, of course after his diagnosis in. Kind of this missing component at this was an opportunity to give back to the diabetic community. So this was my, this is my first time around creating a product for where did that come from ability to innovate? I believe passionate inspiration. I think that when like I said, when you, you see what life looks like living with a chronic disease, and how these people they're resolves. It just very, very inspiring. My son was a huge inspiration and the community as a whole was an inspiration. And I just think that, you know, the saying goes where there's a will there's a way using procreation and all you've done included promotion is a ton of work diving into that and being able to do what you've done. Congratulations, well done. Who do you think he learned that from like that ability to get things completed like the gophers and get it done? What did I learn it where? But who who did you? I have unfortunately, I lost my parents, but I had terrific. Parents triptych role models. Both of them taught me the importance of not giving up and persevering. And I think that I would have credited to my parents. It's amazing. So where's the best place if you go to find out more about the dubs? Yep. So we have a website. I'm very excited which is created and launched a new website in that the U R L is WWW dot gotta get dad's dot com. Cricket dot com. Tell me one of the things that he done consistently the last three years. Please. An avid reader. I think that reading is very important. I love nonfiction kind of inspirational books and I would say that I do that a very consistent basis. What does it make you feel to see all that? You've read when you look on the counter the shows the book showers, make you feel to see what you've accomplished over these years. I think. It keeps you keeps you going keeps you motivated, and I think it's important to always be learning and always trying to improve yourself. So I, I find joy -ment with reading, and your for boys, do they read, well, probably not as much as I think they should they're still young. So I'm hoping that, that will change as they get a little bit older net to say that there's a lot of people that are very young. Do I understand that? But I would think that my boys, probably need to help aboard a little bit more when it comes to reading, but hopefully I'm sending an example, and they know the importance of reading as they grow up that was wonderful have one more question around the boys. Like I mean home schooling for boys, what has been like. Yep. So I don't home school. I don't home. Okay. I'm sorry, sorry, you just said that your work at home. Mom, you didn't say that you home school. Prior to my business. I was a stay at home. Mom, you got it. So I wasn't working prior to starting my business six years ago. But no, I did not school may all they all go to school here. The only thing you didn't do. There's crazy adult home school. All of the. Exact-. I might be crazy but not that night. That's wonderful, again amazing Elizabeth circle. You can connect with them as she said, gotta get dot com. She has Pete if you want to. Diabetic jobs and just an amazing story about how you can create something from a need someone every day, need, and then create an easy way out, so projecting stuff Elizabeth, switch gears. Let's gifts for movement. Let me know.

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