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Political conspiracy was just incompetent the face the nation podcast download subscribe at the new radio dot com app or wherever you get your podcasts WBBM news John eleven fifteen accu weather five day forecast now here's Frank straight and I will have a mostly clear sky and will drop to sixty six at that tomorrow will be warm was sunshine will reach eighty seven more likely partly cloudy view where you see a shower thunderstorm the will be sixty nine church of nice weather starts Thursday it'll be partly sunny Thursday with a high of eighty three so China hi beautiful eighty one Friday Saturday partly sunny with a high eighty three and then so they can be a little more humid warm with a high eighty five it'll be partly sunny and we can't rule out after reading thunderstorm mostly colonel sixty six tonight I thank you for the B. rather just Frank straight on Chicago's weather station newsradio seven eighty about a five point nine FM temperatures seventy three WBBM news time eleven sixteen hours forwards Kevin Jackman about will get the training camp in the bears at a moment first let's go to the cubs internet run any puts the cubs behind the eight ball as they loosen the ace eleven for Jon Lester given up a pair of three run homers over his four innings of work eleven runs in total he takes the loss join under within comes in out of the pain and strikes out six in just two winnings Chris Brian also with a two run Homer the Los whoever snapped the cubs four game winning streak because of the two game lead in the al central still the cardinals of lost three straight in there currently losing in a late to the Dodgers two to one bottom the seventh inning walkie already a Victor tonight beating Pittsburgh forty three before the game the cubs also placing branding concerned the ten day is your list cepek injury meanwhile bends over to continue his journey back to the big league season high a with myrtle beach white Sox and Tigers plane a twin billing today the white Sox winning game one five to three Jose brie was twenty fourth home run part of a three hit day Wellington Casio comes back and hits a Homer as well Dylan sees pitches goes five innings allows two runs he picks up his second major league when as for game to the sock stage a couple of late rallies the fall short is the Tigers forces split when you tend to six the socks three game winning streak is over is Hector Santiago settled with the lost five runs in four two thirds innings of work to the bears whose defenses already performing at a pretty high level even before the first preseason game with more one of NFL's best units double to B. B. M.'s Jeff Johnny act after list is the word Khalil Mack repeatedly used to describe how the bears defense is playing right now it had a cohesive this is the energy that you feel we are the to help work on the bus around the field light because everybody's flying around the ball the one making to a mac in the rest of the defense even the back ups have done nothing this camp but make plays a lot of them more today and a pair of prince Amukamara interceptions in a fantastic picked by rookie cornerback Duke Shelley incriminate Jeff Johnny act newsradio one oh five point nine FM the bears and Panthers in preseason game number one Thursday night starting with the break in at six in the kick off at seven with Jeff Johnny I can time there in your home for the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM W. D. B. M. eleven eighteen is traffic and weather report sponsored by the Berman auto express and store and used to read closure in Aurora south Lake Street shut down between ridge way and your recall this is due to a crash investigation that involve the pedestrian Ansem.

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