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A will not begin its 2020 2021 season until at least January. Christmas Start date is still the ideal scenario. But that's an area was increasingly unlikely. Silver is operating with the goal to play a standard 82 games season in front of fans at N B. A arenas in 2021. The Celtics and he will play Game four of their Eastern Conference final. Siri's tomorrow night at 8 30. Game Three of the Western Conference finals is tonight at nine. Lakers lead the Nuggets two games to none, and the Red Sox begin a three game set with the Orioles at Fenway Park. Tonight. Nick Pavetti gets the ball for the socks. First pitch. 7 30, Brian Antonelli. W busy Boston's news, right? 3 13 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers up New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. We're going to start Mike all north of the city. Then here, we've got terrible delays on 93 north. It's now locked up before Concord Street, Wilmington up through and over almost five miles. Don't get stuck in this. It's a crash cleanup going on just before Dad's Kam Road. Just one lane is squeezing by their elsewhere to the South. Here we go, the express wages crawling along from the O'Neill tunnel down to South Bay. Really? Not so bad after that, Yeah, it's a little slow into the brain tree Split, but only 17 minutes. Boston to Braintree could be worse. Nor found delays coming in. Not so bad. Granted, have a past Neponset circle. Otherwise, it's good coming up past Columbia Road. 93 a slow both ways getting to route 24 bad DeLay's room 1 38 both directions through Milton and can't in this is ongoing roadwork right at that intersection of Brush Hill Road, They squeeze it down to one lane there through three. South has some brake lights coming off the expressway, but it's good down past Union Street and into South Weymouth. Out to the West. Delays. Continue 1 90 Northwest Boylston up into holding a few miles. That's roadwork going on that pass through 12 the mass turnpikes in pretty good shape right now and then downtown that things aren't so bad. The lower decks Okay, The Tobin Bridge is off to a good start and store. Oh, drives clear both ways. At Mass Half my king with Double D B Z.

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