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And so fast. Yeah. Fast social media fasting social media can fast shopping member. I did that I watched God totally take care of us. You can fast you can fast sugar. You can fast television. You could pass you could sports on you could fast. A lot of different owns a really good fast fast the Super Bowl while that would really a lot of guys. That'd be saying Jesus I want you to. This would be saying. Yeah, exactly. So so you can here's the thing. I think you should telling guys too fast the Super Bowl Lisa, and I don't want anybody. None of you wives. Are don't you telling your husband's John says you're supposed to fast Looper bowl? I don't say that. Okay. But but here's the thing. I think you can determine what you need to fast by where the enemy has hold on. You. So I think if you can say, our I have has a hold on me when it comes to food or he has a hold on me where I I've been watch on Netflix Amazon prime so you can determine your fast by according to where maybe you're lacking capacity for that new thing that God wants to do. So and Lisa I have fasted professional sports before because why they were getting out of place in my life. So I'm going to add house Cowboys spec. But go ahead. Long longtime ago since now you cheer for the lions anyway, also. So we want to let go of things we want to have it right perspective on fasting. And the next thing you've got to do. And I wanted to say this Jesus fasted, and I'm kinda like Jesus This on a God needs fast. Then I'm pretty sure we all need to fast. So says refresh yourself in God's word. Okay. So we need to say God's word isn't a duty. It's not something. I have to do a refreshing for me. It's it's part of that river in a dry wasteland. When I read the word of God, it washes me refreshes me. And so we're going to refresh ourselves and one of the things I know that you, and I have done you mentioned that you started an LT. I remember for me when I read the message for the first time, I was all of my brain, always defaulted to the or the King, James. And when I started reading the message all of the sudden, I was hearing the same teaching in a new way. And so it would be great because I would read it in the messenger. Oh my gosh. And I'd go back to the other. Ones. And be like, oh, it's always there. I just didn't see it. So what there's a reason for that? Lisa, you know, that it's really good to to redefined translations in because the Hebrews have six thousand words roughly in their alphabet. Whereas we have about twelve thousand. So it takes more for us to say what the Hebrew bible is saying. So it's good to see it from these different angles. And I really enjoy the passion. Translation, I have found it to be just an incredible refreshing. Translation, so if you can get a hold of that there's bible apps, you can find things that are free on the internet. So let go of last year success and failures get a different perspective on fasting. Refresh yourself in God's word. And then pray pray pray, especially if you are in a difficult season. Even if it's just I remember being a horrible season..

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