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Our guys this morning and i sip on. It did not start feeling like opened up like it was all about baby down off. God i should do if i panic about that. You know but look. I was like i'll make a love these kitchen. So did i wait ten minutes. I said one again. You got waiting. It's an support a year. Okay it was about four ounces. So i'm like no way. I feel kind of good so i'd say you know a guy if i fly a man's zoo pockets that's one more. It's all about debt and that was just a little columbia. Kitchen is so look. I'm doing that also eating okay. And i put that on the wednesday edition okay. Sweet potato storage noodles. Yeah i've been doing that and that's a really good because that is good fermentation for my good good from teasha for my good. So that's awesome also so you're about my probiotics. My probiotics came. Yeah i got the company they did to talk to prevent. That's all we're going interview about everything. Okay but had to do the probiotics i okay. So the pro by addicts okay are cold flora in our own robotic glass. You have to send you stolen and all your stuff and what they do. Is they test the in a see what you got going on. That's how i found out. I had the cbo e. coli. Oh my god you're messed up. Okay or high up in my system. Like my my. My good is baby. I'm lucky i can love kitchen right. Y'all novels ian white rice one spoonful of rice with two months day. Oh my god. I'm lucky i can make leventis kitchen anyway. My probiotics king. okay. And i'm so hype about the i'm on day. Four and doing amazing. Okay did get done with those. I got three more days left than i go to a stronger dose of thirty days. Okay so this one right here is just to get the system straight and then i go up so i'm doing good with that. You know what else pop off or make these kitchen. I got some new stuff on what trauma triangles. And i am going to try chives. I just brought for five seasons today. I tried time. I was good with time. Also got ginger. I gotta try ginger child. And i'm just thinking was so crazy about this show. Is there last year. I was cooking all this stuff. I will use all these foods you. This actually makes a year today when it all started. I gave my daughter a birthday party on october. Seventeenth a surprise party last year. Today's october seventeenth. My stomach was hurting. My stomach was certain today. You know like it's all coming back around again but this time it's because i'm healing and leisure is because everything was working. Damn yes so you don't make a lot of these kitchen thing is definitely is coming along. It's coming all i love it. i'm reintroducing new foods woo products. I got a coconut milk today. That had no additives in it. Because i can't have any editors in anything. I drunk and i was good. So it's just one day eh time. But now that i know i had two small intestinal bacteria or i'll just got to be careful when making love these kitchen all right so i'm going to bring your stuff and your stay tuned right. So what's up next is just. It's hatchet jas fix now. I told jobs. One hundred percents dave right year mama mama been dropping down and what i did was. I put a picture out there. This is show your my back. It was like probably like a ball and a half ago. Things like that two weeks ago. A little bit. But i'll put it out there and it was like i'm trying to show you all get my hair. Had grown bit my hair. Who grew bit by all around the edges and all around the side is coming in rural good and everything because my hair fell out. So that's coming in good showing your my back in like my back muscles now. That was dead. Tom i was only doing i think. Sixty or seventy push ups a day. But now i'm two hundred. And that's what i was doing last year so i'm to seoul hype about day. So that's a part of justice such as fitness also. Y'all know ladies. I'm putting out there to justice such as fitness line right. And i've been putting out there behind okay. A lot of videos of of behind a low next state that idea from my man is yet a rapper. Nas nassir joel's and your like bit. What y'all crazy we'll talk about. Did minute put the fitness of the new fitness line. Like don't i just put out on the new way shape or to all my justice jay. So you're to check that out and do you order it but you gotta order it through me and you know you got all the context. 'cause y'all me up so continue to do that okay now. We skate all over to the lead to the left. So i i get and continue to talk to you. About what else is going on now told you about the new cigars right. That's part of justice. Has today's cannabis la. Okay so i got the weed papers in marijuana papers call all you need to just as you did your normal grower okay. I got four strains on my own working on distributed and things like that and put it off the pieces for you but we got the cigars is going to be coming right so makes you check that out when i tell you to get those pieces. Get him now. Let's say you're something knows. Y.'all my podcast pup pop called. Oh my gosh. my pocket. popcorn turned around jassat. If this thinking going up like this like you know who's really like listening to me. I mean i love your the you know made actual actual me me a no post they hold on. I took a picture of let me see cubic dear. 'cause i wanted to make sure i gave some of your shoutouts. 'cause y'all have really especially up in In china y'all really listening to me show. Y'all my gosh. I love your y'all up. Dear do united states and then there's china nigeria stuff like day all binds lead. Let me see she had these notes. Together i'm terrible. You'll let me see here. We go okay. So we got china. India right united kingdom ireland nigeria spain south africa puerto rico france netherlands germany russia canada kenya brazil sweden jamaica japan. Australia chile gannett philippines air entries mexico. One in lee bahamas side done. Okay this is the name of the words just such david last one gives you shut out. Thank you does because i'm getting played over one hundred fifty different country. This podcast is crazy. Y'all got it really pop popcorn thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you see. This is just as such a j china. put it out there creases. That's it okay. Now what else. I can talk. This is so much. I'm s. She wasn't remember. I told you. I know my skin year. I'm rubbing black seawater. My skin now remember toys starve coconut oil on year so now stepped it up. Adopt your yes and wash my feet with the charcoal soup and it came up like me away like near my once a week. I got it like do like this detox. And because i can't do charcoal inside my body i figured start off on the feet in the hands so once a week i come up i start off with defeat and i come up a little bit more and that's how i got the coconut all over me.

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