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Then in the nothing normal saturday she a grid. I wrote her once before i think. In the missiles revere a couple years ago over at churchill and then I worked for the morning. She worked well and she seems to want to do the five and a half. She ran a big third last time in. It's kind of the same the same horses in the race. So we're looking forward to her come out How about that Maiden the louisiana bread That war savvy for dallas who. He should be talking about racing back going back into the main race. He ran lifetime in the In the juvenile boys champions day so back into the main race and now he's got two races then you'd have to think he'd improve a nice and he Anybody else that That you've that you've either been on or you've been working. We've got a couple of two year old for For breakfast moon coming up. They should be running within the next next week. I think on the The big saturday down here. You'll see some pretty good meeting. Everybody kind of ramping up for that day. So it'll be exciting. Masseuse all performed well and you boy. There is not a barn in new orleans that that you're not Whether it's the louisiana breads for for victor arsenault and and the like Jimmy hodges and norm kassy's using your tommy van burg hartman sharp. This is great. You're there isn't a barn. You're not welcome. Obviously yeah work. We're down here working hard We're trying to put a swimming pool at the form in kentucky. So we gotta be down here working to pay for the swimming full so we're trying to ride as many horses as possible. I love it. Well i i really appreciate the opportunity. It's a talk about fred. Amy a little and bry internet as junior stay safe continued success and hope. I hope i couldn't go to prison star. Louisiana derby This past year. But hopefully we get down there this year and see you. Yeah.

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