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Saints? Over the most high. Under thing to change times on the laws. And they should be given. into his hand until at time. Can Times? and. Dividing of times that is three and a half years. But they meet. Showed US Shalu seats. On, today's show takeaway his dominion. To shoot them. UNTO? Destroy UNTO THE END. Hyundai Kingdom under menial. Handed Greatness Kingdom. Honda the whole heaven. Shall be given to the people. Of, this to the people of the Saints Holiday Monster. Who's the kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. And All Dominion? Shoulder Sal and obey him. I. Got. The South and obey him. So Danny Soul for also. The destruction. Holiday Beast. Away you flaws so. Kingdom being done. To the. Most High. That means to the Lord. saw the. False. Prophet. is going. To be destroyed. In the lake of fire. and false really just leader. Mono See. Is. Going to. Be. destroyed. In delay fire. Hundred Poe referred to him. These false prophet Paul refers to him. As the mono seen. Donald. Body Shem. and. He says he will be revealed. Has Ideology. Charter fell out way from Dr Data and the truth. To cry study given it. Christ gave the charge the truth. gave the ID Chachi. The OUGHTA DOT was to build his church. Not to the pulses would continue to beauties judge. He gave them. He oughta today would walk under. But as the Child Church. Way as they begin, they begun to a poster ties. See Changed. Pan To you proudest leaders came on the scene. In the second seth around. INS. Point turn to sick in fifth oems. Interesting that. Time will come. When False Prophet would. Be. Destroyed second run. INS. Jumped to. and. Russ has three and four. Seconds runyan's to two to three and four. On Monday deceive you. By any means. For. That today. Show not come except. There come falling away. Feist. IRON DID THAT MANOS SEEN Be reviewed. This son Paul refers to these. Manos seen as son. COPETITION. Our way here. Is Not guest few Futura. for us, affording away here. was. Falling away over the judge not to that. We who are leaving you now in the future is going to be affording way then falling our too long time ago he was falling away. Over the church. That's where. The judge begun to fall away. And He says in Brazil four who opposes and they cassavetes himself how bottle Oh, that he's called God. Oh, that he's washy. So that he has got to. In the Temple of God showing the himself that he's God. That is the man of seen time affair me. To. Go into the details of that but. As a week continue. We shall. Land, all of that. So Paul knew that these of seen would be destroyed. People know that the ceiling we will be destroyed his son of Shen. They know that amount of Sienese, right? And he's Oh. God Metropole knew that that seem would it be destroyed? An order be cast into the fire. When Christ returns And when you read the Russ is. Eight. Nine. was his eight, hundred nine. He always says. And then he showed the we could be reviewed. Whom The Lord Show cone shoe with Dispirito visa mouth. On shall destroy with the brightness over coming. Even he was the coming is after the working of Satan with all power..

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